Lonely Bi Switch looking for companionship through Vore

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Lonely Bi Switch looking for companionship through Vore

Postby Oddball » Wed Jan 26, 2022 2:17 am

The title pretty much sums things up rather well. After a long string of ghosting partners and others parting ways, I'm looking to build up new connections and start anew overall. I mainly do chatting nowadays, but at times I will also roleplay if you get my interest up enough for that. Be it submissive new partners looking for me to call you all mine, the complete opposite that wants to do that to me, or somewhere in-between, I'm open to anyone willing to give me that opportunity.

As for info about me, I'm male, bisexual and quite open in regards to having more than one partner. That being said, I enjoy those who are rather possesive of me, since I see it as more comforting than negative as some may view that trait. I enjoy both having dominant partners and submissive ones, so don't feel shy or hesitant about that either.

As for likes/kinks? Since I've been on here for going on 8+ years now, I'm overall pretty open towards most things in general. You're better off just asking me if I may think your interests are too out-there for me if you think it might be too much, and I'll let you know. My own interests vary widely, so you're bound to find common ground with me if you ask. I'm not a picky person, I just want to have new people around, with specific interests coming second to that.

Beyond all of that, just feel free to PM me if you're interested, I'm around all day to recieve any incoming messages, based on the CST timezone.

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