Looking for Male/Female prey/Switches~ [Updated!] ((Again))

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Looking for Male/Female prey/Switches~ [Updated!] ((Again))

Postby Oddball » Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:24 am

^w^: Hiya there!

((Edit:Since there really doesn't seem to be any sort of new preds headed my way yet I still wish to write, so I'm now looking for new Prey and Switches to do stuff with~))

I think I've narrowed down the sorts of things that attract new partners the best way these days, so I'll list a few main ideas, with the list of all the thing's I'm into down underneath.

Yoshi has been one of those famous preds that helped drive me to follow Vore in my younger years, and I've gotten into having quite the craving for this lovable and very hungry species of Dinos lately!

Ponies, I just can't get enough of them as Preds, being curled up inside one of their guts as it sways under them just gets me going so much!~ >W<

Pokemon, lots of fun to be had, not much I need to say about that!

Real-Life critters! I'm always up for some feral fun~

Furries! I'm one myself, always down for some fun there~

I can be male or female, any species, willing/unwilling, and much more!

I'm still also very diverse in my likes and various kinks to try, so I'm certain you'll enjoy me as prey~

Also, I'll list some of my more common likes, but just know that I'm just so open to so many things, that you'd be better off asking if I don't like something instead, because chances are: I'm already fine with your kink!~


Same Size!~
Bigger prey/Smaller pred~
Age Play!~
Gender Wars/Sexism~
Short-paragraph posts~
Long Posts/Stories~
Tons of Submission~
Macro/Micro! [Note, I can do this, but you really have to convince me, as Same-Size is normally much more ideal for me.]
Naval Vore
Digestion (Non-Graphic)
Sex (Wuv it!)
Feral pred!
Post-Vore Disposal~ (Ask me for more details....)

And ask me about any other ideas you may have, I've quite open to hearing out new ideas!

I'm only on Discord, Telegram or Kik, PM me for those other two accounts, though my Discord tag is: ^w^#7766

Hope to see you soon!

^w^ : <3

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