Macro/Micro Prey Seeking Just About Anything

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Macro/Micro Prey Seeking Just About Anything

Postby fixated1 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:31 am

I have past RP experience and quite a bit of writing under my belt. I prefer longer, more detailed stories with some editing and time put in, but I'm not afraid to wing it in one form of chat or another. I have never bailed on a roleplay, even if I sometimes take a while, so please don't bail on me. I prefer pm's or post by post though. I can be a switch, but if we do that, I would like to trade. Vore for me is a sexual fetish, so I'm into that, but it's not necessary. What is necessary is that it's marcro/micro. Male predators are fine as long as they're not human. Anthro or feral, bring it on.

I am into:

Human/anthro/feral predators
Human prey
Human or anthro
Cruel, teasing, degrading predators
mouth/tongue play
anal vore/insertion
Fatal or non fatal
full tour, endo, or digestion
sex and other kinks
and much more, just ask

I can't offer:

hard vore
same size or minor size differences
being prey for human males

Anything not listed is most likely cool with me. I'm pretty relaxed about what I can do, I just have a few notes I want to hit. If you pm me, please give me an idea of what you're looking for. I can come up with a scenario with you, or you can present me with one, but I want to know what it is you like to see how we match up. Also, please don't come to me with a single line or text speak. I don't need you to build a world before coming to me but it's discouraging to see one sentence. I'm especially looking for feral or anthro predators right now, but I'm not about to turn down a human.

PM me!

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