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Male Pred looking for Prey

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 1:48 pm
by StormyGem

Hi there. As the title says, i want prey. i'm a 5.6 foot anthro brown fox that likes to wear hoodie's *reference will be offered if requested* and I'm also a cuddly, friendly animatronic wolf, along with a fat ass anthro border collie
here are many of my kinks n such
EDIT: I will now to Scat and gassy stuff in RP's, depending on how it's done. I don't like graphic digestion still, and i now will do fatal digesting, depending on what you have in mind

I rarely update update this, and preferences can change overtime. If there's something thats on/off this list, ask about it, maybe i'll be interested in it, maybe i won't. No harm in asking though

ALSO: I can be prey. Its once in a blue moon though. Maybe you can get me in the mood though
My favourite types of prey: Femboy's, teachers, ladies, milf's, and a couple others I can't think of

In terms of pred/prey, i tend to prefer furries. unless my prey is a cute human girl :3 not so much anymore, I'm actually starting to like M/M. So, if you're male or have a male OC, that's cool ^^
Dominance- i prefer to be ontop on most situations. from sex to vore n such. I'm mostly the Pred in vorish settings :3 the best way to describe how I'm dominant is "playful-dominant" if that makes sense
Prey- i prefer my prey willing, but they can be unwilling to. while i don't like to be cruel i love to tease and play with them when they're in my stomach or balls :3
Weight Gain
Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Anal Vore
Casual vore
Nipple Vore/Cleavage Vore
Reformation- i tend to prefer to reform my prey, but if you want it to be fatal, no problem
Mates- I prefer Anthro mates, furries mostly. mainly the likes of dogs (most breeds) cats (domestic or wild, i like both) dragons aren't something I like too much. but if you have a dragon and i like it, then I'm fine with it. I'm okay with feral and human prey too
I much, MUCH prefer female prey, but males can be also be accepted. i also love femboy's and herm's. girls with dicks and the like

I love Vore RP, but I'm also into Love, Sex and Romance too and other stuff :3
now onto my Dislikes
Hard Vore
Graphic digestion (blood, guts, etc)
Macro/Micro (i prefer to know my prey is there)
Scat eating: just... No

RP: when it comes to rp, i can do fairly detailed posts, and i will try my best to satisfy you. I can do shorter ones, but if you come to me with: Hello *smiles* just... Don't bother trying to rp with me.

also, if it tickles your fancy, here are things i have either already RP'd or want to rp
The Lion King
One Piece
Celeb Vore (I've started to want to RP that, with me eating a sexy lady celeb :3)
Loonatics: Unleashed (I have NO IDEA why I want to RP that though lol)

This goes for you guys who want to be eaten by canon characters. i will rarely play a canon. i don't feel comfortable with it. i'd be happy to RP the likes of GTA V even if the mood strikes me, but i'd rather play as my OC rather than a premade character

there are many games, movies and TV shows i like that i might be willing to try too. I'd also gladly be your friend and talk to you regularly, maybe even play games together if you'd want