Flexible Switch LF friends and rp partners (kik/tele/disc)

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Flexible Switch LF friends and rp partners (kik/tele/disc)

Postby Celbax » Thu Nov 15, 2018 6:00 pm

Hello there! I'm Celbax. I'm a switch (pred/prey) looking for fellow vore fans to talk with and rp with. I consider myself to be pretty flexible so if you have some "odd" scenario you've been wanting to try out, but me up! We will probably be able to do it. Also, as far as characters, I have a lot of them. If you want to know more just ask, I have a lot of them posted on fa. And now for that kink list!

Oral vore
Anal vore
Cock vore
Same size
Size difference
Full tour
Multiple prey
Soul vore
Unwilling if I'm prey

Endo/living in stomach
Any other body vore not listed above.
Humans (as pred or prey)
Disposal (this doesn't have to be included ever, and it doesn't have to include scat..)

Hard vore
Intense pain (implied or described..)

If its not specifically posted just ask me about it! I'd also love to hear any crazy scenarios you have!

As a flexible switch I enjoy doing a lot of things, however, if you are being super demanding and extremely controlling and specific, or having me always play as characters that aren't mine or yours, the less likely I will be able to put forth my best effort.

I prefer to do descriptive but short posts. I feel like that allows people to have more of a say and get to act and react better to things. If you like paragraph posts that's fine, though my posts will be short, or it may be a while between posts since sometimes I may not have the time to post a 20 line paragraph.

I like posting through discord and the like but don't let that stop you if you can only pm. Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

The best way to reach me is
Discord. Celbax#7073
Telegram. Celbax
Kik. Celbax
I have a Skype too but I can never remember the damn thing...


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