Furry switch looking for switches and more friends

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Furry switch looking for switches and more friends

Postby Celbax » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:56 am

It has come to my attention that a lot of people see the "switch" label in the title and think that I love playing pred or prey whenever they come calling. THIS IS NOT THE CASE I like to play both roles.. but playing one or the other when I'm not in that mood is not fun for me. As the title says I am looking primarily for SWITCHES! I will play with others, but you may find me being uninterestiled or lack luster if you have me play one role all the time...with that over.. let's get to it..

Hello and welcome to my seeking partner ad! I am Celbax and it is nice to meet you! I guess I should post my list of likes and dislikes first and then talk about stuff after!

* Soft vore
* Oral vore
*Anal vore
*Cock vore
* Unbirth
* Soft Digestion
* Fatal
* Burps
* Unwilling prey (when it's me or my characters)
* Anthropomorphic characters (Furries, Scalies, etc.)
*Dice games and RPG styled roleplaying (stats and dice rolls)
* Post vote weight gain or body modification (bigger parts etc.)

* Breast/Cleavage vore
* Micro/Macro
* Same sized characters
* Size difference
* Face sitting
* Fantasy races
* Females, Futas, Males, Trans (anything!
* Hyper (huge parts)
* feral/animals
*Vampire stuff
*Soul vore/ghost characters/soul play
*Risky vore

*Reforming (it's gotta make sense and shouldn't be easy, no "I poof right beside you" kinda stuff.)

* Endo (it can be ok.. for a little bit, but I don't wanna take 1,000,000 trips to your stomach and spend hundreds of hours there without some risk.)

*Disposal (sometimes this stuff is just done in too gross of a way or becomes the focus and that isn't super fun for me)

* Full tour (it's ok, but like endo.. no risk)

*musk stuff (it's alright but doesn't often fit my characters and gets way too gross)

* Scat/filthy insides (like disposal.. it seems to go too far and ends up being the focus..)

* Severe pain
*hard vore
* Being forced to play humans
* Canon characters (I don't mind if you have an original character inspired by something but.. I'm not going to eat Goku or fight batman or give Renji a blow job.. but if you have like a soul reaper character or something like that, that's fine)

If I didnt list it, just ask! It might be something that slipped my mind, or something new to me!

For those of you that have made it this far, thank you. As I said I am Celbax and I am looking for friends and roleplaying partners. I like to think that I am pretty flexible and open to most stuff, but.. I'd also like that same flexibility and understanding in partner. I am a nerd and a dork, so whether it is video games, larp, or dnd, I'm probably into it!

I have several characters that I have made and love to play as. They range anywhere from a 5'0" tall female chow chow, to a 25' tall blue ox. I also love hyenas so I have a lot of those. I'm also keen to play with just about any character, unless their character is a God, unbeatable or of a Mary sue quality. Not all of my characters are going to just drop panties for your character just because..

https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/celbax/ please note that my characters are done in mspaint, using a template system. Yes, I know they are all in the same position.. their profiles are also wip and subject to change.

I really enjoy just about any setting as long as it is not super specific. Fantasy worlds where there are dragons and magic, are just as fun to me as a modern roleplay or even a far future one with aliens and space ships. As long as you aren't super focused in like "oh it has to be exactly the breath of the wild hyrule"... though now that I've said that.. that does sound fun.

My preferred post length varies, I've had great roleplay where it was detailed and awesome but I've also had the same amount of fun doing "*sits on you and wiggles*" kind of stuff. I'd say my average post length will be between 1-4 sentences.. probably more to describe or open a scene. As long as it isnt like a one word response like "hehe" and you're not demanding a paragraph each time we should be ok.

I prefer to talk and role play through Discord first and foremost. After that it's Telegram, then Kik, then God forbid Skype or PM. However I totally understand if you dont like those, it is just hard for me to sit on Ekas and refresh, or wait hours in between responses.
DISCORD: Celbax#7073
Telegram: Celbax

Thank you for sticking with it, and reading through to the end. Here is a cookie for you! But seriously thank you for taking the time to read this. If you had any questions, comments, or if any of this really interested you let me know! I cant wait to hear from you.

Last bumped by Celbax on Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:56 am.
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