Male Pred searching for Female or Male Prey

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Male Pred searching for Female or Male Prey

Postby vaatidorf6000 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:17 am


I am a male vore role-player who's been active for a couple of years. I prefer playing as a pred, especially a male pred and usually as a human or anthro, though I am willing to be prey or a female pred on occasion. One of my favorite types of prey are other preds, especially those who view guys as a quick and easy meal. Making it all the more satisfying to eat them. Another favorite as of late is something involving accidental or unaware vore along with transformation. I also like scenarios where there is some sort of familiarity between the pred and prey ranging from one being aware of the other to close friends and beyond.

One particular idea that I'm fond of in digestion scenarios is the idea of the prey becoming a conscious layer of fat on a predator. I am currently in the mood for something with my OCs.

Likes (in no particular order):
-M/F (personal favorite)
-Oral vore
-Anal vore
-Casual vore
-Human or humanoid
-Sentient Fat
-Full Tour
-Disposal (could be implied to mild scat or just bones. Nothing to graphic.)
-Weight Gain
-Willing or unwilling prey
-Willing or unwilling pred
-Unaware pred
-Underage pred and/or prey
-Unassuming pred
-Role reversal
-Eating other preds

Willing to do:
-Hard vore

-Excessive blood and gore

Will rarely do:

Here are some of the characters I like to use:


Derek Figeron - Almost always pred.

Ben Ownson - Usually pred. Loves transformations.

Alan Hartman - Always pred

Coinin - Usually pred

Jacob the Gamer - pred

Arcus Davamin - pred


Alison Sasaki - Usually pred.

Val Malory - Switch.

Sabine the Dragoness - Is both pred and prey.

Kris the heroine - Switch with a pred lean.

Rosa Jackson - mostly pred

Sophia King - mostly pred

Anya King - switch with a Prey lean.

If you wish to RP, feel free to PM me. While I prefer to RP via PMs or the private roleplay forums, I may be willing to do some via chat services. My preference is Discord at the moment though Skype is still open, or in the chat room on occasion. If contacted directly through Discord or Skype, make sure to mention you're from here in the first message.

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