Unwilling Female Prey seeking roleplay!

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Unwilling Female Prey seeking roleplay!

Postby Zwanzik » Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:56 pm

NEW: I made a tumblr for RPing, so if you don't like Skype, Discord, Google Docs, or PMs, we can do some RPing on there! http://zwanzikrp.tumblr.com/ also here are a list of some go-to characters http://zwanzikrp.tumblr.com/characters

NEW NEW: Please read this whole dang post before sending me a PM! Also, include a sample of your writing. Don't write up a new thing for me, just copy and paste 100-ish words over from an RP or story you've done to get a feel for how you write.

Hello! I'm interested in either playing unwilling female prey or a dominant female pred! PM me if you are interested! Below are my preferences!

Major change from before: I'm no longer looking for prey. If we RP awhile, I might be willing to play pred, but I've got partners who play prey in a way I like and I'm just not currently looking for more prey at the moment.

Quick summary: I play unwilling types, normally nekos but also humans and fairies, who are either very afraid/cowardly or very resisting. So, they either cry a lot or they fight tooth and nail to get away.

Scenarios I like (but are not limited to):

My character is a princess who encounters a supernatural being while looking for help. The goddess/spirit is not interested in helping, thinking my character to be tasty looking or perhaps thinking she would make for a good plaything.

My character is a farmhand of some kind going to feed a cow-girl some food, but ends up being seen as tasty/fun to play with. In some way dehumanized. Perhaps she uses milk to lure my character into a false sense of security. I also like the idea of more than one stomach, i.e., one for storage and another further down for digestion. I'd like to play multiple characters in this scenario, so the first stomach can be filled up over time before prey are pushed down to second stomach.

Sexy lamia with interest in foreplay/sex in advance of constriction. If it's closer to same size, I prefer unbirth to oral vore for lamia. And I prefer prey to end up in the tail to be digested.


Current Fascinations
Monster girls
Size play
Tongue play
Cruel preds
Breast feeding

Soft Vore
Macro/Micro (or mini-GTS)
Oral Vore
Breast vore
Unwilling Prey
Monster Girls (Naga, Dridder, Mermaid, Octogirl, etc...)
Smothering with breasts or inside mouth with tongue
Light chewing (like nibbling with no blood, but still discomfort)
Light digestion
Lots of chatter pre- and post-vore
Vore foreplay
Fantasy/Sci-Fi themes
A story behind the vore (context, etc...)
Somewhat developed characters
Cuddling/fluffy stuff

Anal vore
Light blood
Same Size (There still needs to be a bigger pred than prey!)
Heavy domination
Furry pred

Male prey or pred

All in all, I'm interested in a good story. It'd be neat to have someone willing to do multiple characters if necessary (if there are multiple prey or preds involved). And I'm also interested in stories behind the vore being more than superficial.

I highly prefer third-person limited/omniscient. She said, not I (or you) said.

Only message me if you're 18+.

PM me if you're interested, and I'll probably give you my Skype if I'm interested too! I prefer to RP with Google Docs, so you'll need an account. I don't like PMs anymore because it relies on Eka's Portal being online/accessible, which it isn't always. Google Docs also make it easier to split long RPs up into "chapters", and are easier to modify.

edit: Here's an example of my writing, https://aryion.com/g4/view/265385

edit edit: I updated a bit, to show I like futa now! And I bolded the things I'm particularly interested. And also my change to not really wanting to play pred anymore.

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