Female fairy prey or pred looking to go all the way

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Female fairy prey or pred looking to go all the way

Postby nanakra » Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:14 am

You see a four foot tall fairy standing before you.
"Hi there! I'm Nana" she says, waving happily.
"A little introduction about myself is in order I think! First, it's nice to meet you and thank you for your time!" She says, pausing to scratch at her eyebrow.
"Well, I already told you that I'm Nanakra, Nana for short. I'm a female fire fairy who wields chaotic wild magic. You see, I was hit by a terrible curse when I was younger, and ever since my magic hasn't been quite under my complete control." She sighs and shakes her head as she moves both of her arms behind her.
"But that's not important. What is, is that I'm looking for predators who are hungry!" she giggles and exclaims happily "Or... some small prey who may not want to feed my tummy tums! Though if you're bigger, well I may have a shrink spell up my sleeve somewhere, just as long as it doesn't back fire!"
Giggling she adds "Either way, things tend to get a bit messy with me, so if you like it graphic, painful, and going all the way to the flush, then I'm your girl!"
Sighing she smiles and says "My player is going to do some talking now, but If you want to know more about me, like seeing what I look like, or reading my rich back story, you can check out my F-List profile that is listed in the signature below!"
She smiles and waves "Ta ta!"

"Hi there, player here now. Lets get down to business shall we?"

Role Playing
Nanakra is 95% prey and 5% predator.
She is an omnivore and her normal place in the food chain is as food for creatures larger than herself.
However, on rare occasions, she is not above eating those smaller than herself if the opportunity presents itself.

Here is what I usually do in both pred and prey RPs:
Oral Vore
Realistic Vore
Digestion within stomach
Living and aware mind once digested
Extended trip and further digestion through small and large intestines
Disposal of remains (solid and liquid) in a toilet, outhouse, the woods, an urn, etc.
Regeneration after a random period of time

I love these things too, however they are optional:
Soul digestion
Soul remains (solid and liquid) mixed in with the normal remains
Graphic digestion
Pain, Blood, Gore (within stomach)
Stomach filled with food (food, other prey, etc.)
Size differences (Macro/Micro) of a few feet (Nanakra as 2 feet, pred as 10 feet for example)
Regeneration with memory intact

Here are the things I won't do and don't like:
Cock Vore
Anal Vore
Perma death / Perma Vore

Note that I am open minded and flexible and won't bite your head off if you
ask for something you think is weird or that I may not like.

I am pretty open to most things so if there is something you would like to do and it's not
listed here or on my F-List, feel free to ask me. In some cases, even if it is a no, I may be
interested if it's an interesting idea, concept, or scenario that you have come up with.

I'm also open to non-vore RPs to further flesh out my little fairy character, and I also enjoy me some Pathfinder RPG role-playing as well.

Roleplay Length
I'm a very verbose role-player. I like to write in depth paragraphs and will typically write
up to two paragraphs worth of material per post as a starting point. Most RPs with me tend
to get longer in length as they progress. I tend to favor longer term, overarching, ongoing RPs
rather than one shots. A one shot RP with me can take hours to play out and last several days. I tend to
start my RPs in the third person, as a narration and then switch to first person perspective, though
I have no real preference in this regard and can stay in third person if my partner prefers this.

Now, a word for those who don't put any effort into their RPs. I will block you.
I have been role playing online for years and just don't have any patience left for having my
time wasted. Don’t worry too much about spelling or grammar mistakes, I won’t be bothered by it.
Anyone else who does like what they have read thus far, feel free to reach out to me.

I'm friendly and happy to chat even if you're not looking for an RP!
Just make sure you give me something to talk about!

Miscellaneous Information
A note on gender: I'm a male playing a female character.
I know that this bothers some folks so I mention it for their benefit and also so no one gets a surprise.

I am also okay with having the RP log shared if you wish to.
At times, with a good RP, I may ask if it is okay to reformat the log into a story narrative to post here on Eka's.
For very good RPs, it may even inspire me to make a permanent change or make additions to Nanakra's back story.

I'm located on the East Coast of the US, so I'm typically on during the evenings, though you can occasionally catch me on during the day.
I'm Nanakra#6720 on Discord chat, which is the best way to reach me.
I'm okay RPing via IM, PM, or forum posts, though I do prefer RPing via IM on Discord.

If the info in this post and on my profile appeals to you, and you want to chat or RP with me, feel free to reach out. I'd love to hear from you!

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