Prey looking for preds

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Prey looking for preds

Postby niatheminccinogirl » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:24 pm

I now have a full list that is more described here.

Hey guys I'm I decided to update this a bit. I am looking for preds or switches to play with. I play mainly loli prey of many many forms. My posts are generally pretty meh size. I don't usually go over 2 or 3 sentences unless you give me enough to work off of for it. I very much love being someones food and being mostly treated like it. I love any kind of unique or interesting pred. Normal humans are kinda dull but really I'm ok with anything. If its not on my list you can ask about it and if you like disposal thats fine but I would prefer that to be an end of the rp thing where you just do it and its the end so I don't have to interact about it. So if I sound interesting at all please send me a pm I don't really do skype anymore because people kept abandoning me or our rps. I personally do not do master/slave stuff anymore as I have a master/mistress and she is my one and only.

Important update is that I'm more flexible with my stuff now. Just ask me even if its on my no list depending on the situation I may let you do it anyways. Also the list counts for pred and prey. If you play something I really like I'm more like to go past my dislikes or hates anyways to rp with you. Like an Ahri or roleplay will probably get me to do nearly anything that ins't being a dom or being pred.

Currently looking for/rp ideas:
-LoL rp where maybe I accidentally replace my champion in lane by accident and the other champion takes advantage of a weaker summoner.
-I am your friend or lover and you take me home to your mom and she takes advantage of me ends up getting rid of me.
-We are friends but you get bored and want to use me for food. Either for yourself or my crush or maybe even your own crush or lover.
-I would like to play something with my slime girl as prey and getting absorbed.
-I want some non painful hardvore where I'm a micro.
-Major want right now is feral stuff. Either feral pred trying to eat me. Or me being your feral prey ^-^
-A small fox getting snatched up by a large bird. I then get digested in your gizzard (probably mroe hard vorish here since gizzards are not super nice to prey <3)
-You order a live fox at a restaurant. Its cooked and given to you to eat how you please.

MAIN IDEA: Right now I would like a vore game. Something where like its an actual tabletop game where we roll. The dm dictates what happens and even has the supernatural ability to summon the creatures that I am to fight. This will involve roling and general random fun ^-^

Fatal Digestion (Almost mandatory)
Mawiles and somewhat unique preds
Monster preds (Hydra/harpy/slime/etc)
Being fed to a pet and humiliated
Willing prey
Playing loli prey
Futa/trap/femboy preds
Soul vore/digestion
Being used like a sexy toy or normal toy
Hair vore
Vampirism (normal or soul)

Soft vore
Saliva and drool
Dominant/humiliation (lots of teasing and stuff like that)
Sounds (Burping and gurgling)
Single preds
Multiple preds
Normal preds
parent/child scenarios
War/fighting/arena scenarios
Unique scenarios
Young prey
Pony pred (Don't really like MLP but they are good preds I feel)
Sibling vore
Hard vore
Age regression

Full tour (I've never done it and have no idea how to)
Loving preds

I dislike
Anything doing with foot fetish
Muscly characters
Reformation - only eligible in adventure like rps where it actually matters. Otherwise I will very rarely want to do this. So please don't ask for it.

Will not do

Nia/Emily Kitusne Cake Girl Torgruta Red Velvet Slime Girl Kirlia Girl Sci-fi Human Deer Girl Neera Naga Harpy Inkling Human Dark Mage Vulpix Girl Human Princess Human Fire Mage Human Princess Angel Human Princess Succubus Nimbat Android Goddess Scifi human. Human Mermaid Donut girl Kitsune Meowstic

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