F seeks Celebrity Dolcett

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F seeks Celebrity Dolcett

Postby celebroast » Fri Aug 05, 2022 5:52 pm

Hi! So I'm looking for something very specific, but fairly simple altogether. I want to play as real Hollywood celebrities and starlets in a version of the modern day where Dolcett is the way of things. Obviously the more popular a star gets, the more likely someone in her line of work is going to want to see her be the star of the dinner table, forcing most actresses to walk a very thin line between stardom and the spit. While it's recognized that having one's number come up to be the centerpiece of a barbecue, catering event, wrap party, or even being cooked on screen in the starlet's sizzling final scene, nobody wants to see that time come! Every starlet wants to remain beautiful, popular, and raw for as long as possible. Still .. not a whole lot of parts for girls over thirty in Hollywood, is there? :) As a final aside, I'm alright with taking the occasional soft vore scene as well (consider the same idea, but with giant animals who simply need to be fed, or even starlets finding themselves shrunken down to bite-sized), but it's more of a secondary focus for me over cooking scenes to be sure.

So some keywords / kinks: celebrities, forced nudity, spit-roasting, oven-roasting, pot-boiling, grilling, "one last fuck", filming, public scenes, blowjobs, live-cooking, multiple girls, dehumanization (being treated like cattle/swine/meat).

How do I play? First or third person. Para to multi-para. PM or E-mail primarily (here, or at [email protected]).

Who do I play as? Well, this is by no means comprehensive, but here's a list of potentially sizzling starlets ..

Amy Adams - Mila Kunis - Lea Michele - Anna Kendrick - Christina Hendricks - Jennifer Connelly - Jaimie Alexander - Chloe Bennet - Deborah Ann Woll - Karen Gillan - Alexandra Daddario - Emily Blunt - Daisy Ridley - Krysten Ritter - Katy Perry - Alison Brie - Naya Rivera - Kat Dennings - Scarlett Johansson - Natalie Dormer - Zooey Deschanel - Emma Watson - Anne Hathaway - Aubrey Plaza - Selena Gomez - Olivia Wilde - Sophie Turner - Taylor Swift - Emma Stone - Jennifer Lawrence - Gillian Jacobs - Hayley Atwell - Amanda Seyfried - Hayden Panettiere - Bryce Dallas Howard

Generally, my starlets will be unhappy or reluctant about being cooked, but likely aren't going to put up TOO much of a fight, since that's the way showbiz goes! Alternatively, if you're into fandoms, I'd be happy to play these actresses as their movie or TV roles in a version of their reality where Dolcett is more or less the norm, depending on whether or not I'm familiar with / like the material. It's up for debate!

Who do I want you to play as? Another male (or female!) celebrity, their agent, a member of their family, a lucky fan who wins the roast of a lifetime, a rival studio exec, a gourmand chef at a five star Hollywood restaurant .. the possibilities are wide and varied, and I'd be happy to discuss them with you!

Hopefully that's enough to get started. Looking forward to meating you!

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