Hungry pokemon and young characters to eat and be eaten

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Hungry pokemon and young characters to eat and be eaten

Postby Duskthewolfcub » Sun Oct 03, 2021 10:10 pm

this time around i can be pred or prey same plots (sleepover and babysitting) applies but I'm also adding two extra options Halloween and trailer park and the fairytale fun is still there I can rp through pm or through discord (dattriggeredchameleon#0507 please dm on ekas portal first) open for canon play for the following games/shows- kaitou joker, dbz, yugioh, vanguard zero, pokemon, digimon, ghost stories ,one piece ,danganronpa ,earthbound/mother, kingdom hearts, star fox, megaman BN ,persona 4,mario,sonic,super sentai/PR, kamen rider ,banjo-kazooie, splatoon ,zelda, ape escape

i have a bunch of ocs as well with their own bios in the eka portals chat rp room

- underage prey
-underage pred (most plots)
-same size
-oral vore
-reform (if someone dosen't like scat)
-same size
-older prey/pred (if the babysitting plot style is chosen)
- Pokemon preds

- cock vore
-anal vore
-any other vore style that isn't oral
-sex (no intercourse please)

stuff i want to try

- any other plot scenarios that you think can work with my characters ( im pretty open on this)

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