And they lived happily ever after? (F prey :9 )

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And they lived happily ever after? (F prey :9 )

Postby Fairytale » Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:24 am

Some of you might have already read this post but alas, it was rather rushed and didn't quite convey what I'm looking for in my roleplays.
Let's hope second time's the charm, eh? :D

First of all some things about myself;
I do love playing prey, since I find myself being more on a submissive side and playing predators requires notions I cannot call my own, but I'm digressing^^
I like prey/pred dynamics from loving to maliciously evil, depending on the type of scenario and who I'm roleplaying with.
I would not want to force an otherwise sweet and kind predator to play a sadistic one.

What I do enjoy including in my roleplays is pre-vore sexual acts. Vore is a fetish for most of us, something taboo, something intimate so why not add some smut to it?^^
Be it a tender love making session or flat out rape, I enjoy both but the middle ground is my favorite :)

As for kinks;
-Soft vore
-Oral vore
-Butt play; squeeze my rear, tease, finger, tongue, etc. I love it :D
-Anal sex; ^ look up here ^
-Complex prey/predator relationships
-Playing with/as anthro characters

As for the various scenarios I'm currently looking for;
-Three piglets and the wolf ... 63c405.png
-The seven goats and the wolf
-Tom Thumb
-Little red riding hood (playing a lamb riding hood^^)

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