Female prey looking for femboy to shrink me and use me

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Female prey looking for femboy to shrink me and use me

Postby Ellkats » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:52 am

Kinda wanting to do an unwilling kidnapping and shrinking scenario

I  like
Soft Vore
Clean anal vore
Anything boobs related (smothering, vore)
Nipple vore
Belly play
Smothering (boobs, butt, belly, balls, thighs, ect)
Navel vore
Sexual play
Chubby preds
Cock Vore
Female, herm, and femboy preds
Herm giantess
Femboy giants
Lots of cum!
Non violent rape
Prey being put inside pred's underwear
Unwilling/willing  (mostly unwilling)
I have a couple of OCS but can come up with them on the fly...though I really enjoy playing nagas. PM me if you are interested!

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