Male prey for Male pred!

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Male prey for Male pred!

Postby todomatsu » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:14 pm

Playing as prey only for now to get back in the groove of things, sorry! I had some bad experiences with a partner who refused to respect my preferences and dislikes, so please, I implore you not to be that guy and read below!

Preferences (In no particular order):
M/M, (can do F/F or M/F but I gotta be in the mood for it, don't expect it unless I bring it up)
Digestion or full tour
Macro/micro (Can do same size as well, but heavily prefer macro)
Canonplay (Mostly video games, inquire for more information)
Hard vore elements (some rough play like biting, ect. Nothing to KILL the prey but seriously maim them!)
Foodplay (especially with desserts <3)
Oral vore (my favorite, but anal is a close second.)

My hard no's (I will not budge from these, do not try to convince me otherwise or I will stop replying to you):

F/M vore Hard no on that one.
Most feet stuff- minus crushing.
Furries. Anthros. Whatever the fuck you call them, I am absolutely not interested and it is not up for any sort of debate. Nekomimi, nagas, on the other hand are more then welcomed.
Cock/breast vore. I don't get how either work and I don't want to.

I'd like to stick to PM's for now, but I might be willing to give out my Discord again in the future for vore roleplaying. I'm typically online throughout the entire day, but sometimes I get a bit busy and click a PM with the intention of replying but get wrapped up in something else so don't be afraid to nudge me if I don't reply within a day or so.

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