nb prey and f pred l4 f pred for 3 player rp

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nb prey and f pred l4 f pred for 3 player rp

Postby JackSpades » Sun Oct 01, 2023 5:35 pm

dear reader.

Thank you for your interest. The following might be a bit of a read, but I hope that you'll be intrigued enough to finish it. If this turns out to not be of interest to you, I wish you a wonderful day and good luck looking for a partner better suited :3

As the title already betrayed, a partner of mine and myself are looking for a third player for a three player role play. We are looking for a female pred to work within a pred-pred-prey constellation.
The interaction between the characters should be kind, probably cuddly and maybe even romantic. A consensual love triangle would be ideal. Detailed dynamics between the characters will be discussed later.

The rp will be in a fantasy setting. Monster girls are a thing, most of them can and do perform vore. There are so called Duchesses, incredibly powerful monster girls that claim dominion over certain regions and all the monster girls living in them. Some monster girls avoid this subjugation by becoming nomads. We're going to play such nomads, pirates to be specific.
We'll have to figure out a storyline to follow and who is the driving force, along with the exact distribution of roles. Both my partner and myself have a good idea of what we want to play, so we'll just have to weave your own ideas into it.

I find it crucial that every party gets to enjoy the experience, for that reason I am taking your time, your effort and your limits serious. Any input and opinion is important and I will try my very best to respect yours. All I ask for is that you return the favor to me. Let us be civil to each other. So everyone should be upfront about what they want, what they are willing to give and where their limits are. I will do exactly that in a moment.

I would prefer everyone playing in 1st person at least when playing their "main" character in the role play, although 3rd is an option, too. Concerning the general dynamic between the participants' characters I do have to insist on a more gentle and friendly interaction. That does not mean that everything has to be soft and fuzzy, but at least to me vore is a thing of comfort and trust, and not of pain and abuse. Just keep the tone of it light and friendly and there is nothing in the way of a bit of dominance. Concerning the vore I would like it to be same size or at least not with too big of a size difference. I want the results of vore show on the pred's belly :3. I enjoy preds getting stomach aches and I like belches a lot.

Although some of it has already bled into the previous paragraph, here is what I would want. I am willing to take compromises, of course. I enjoy playing a more submissive role, akin to a servant or a pet. Anything that makes me small and cute is a big YES for me. I don't mind being pushed around a bit and I love worshipping preds. I would like to take the role of the prey. I am a huge belly-fetishist so I would put my main focus on that and kinks revolving around it like stuffing and belly rubbing. And I love feet, but that I can compromise on if necessary. I am also a huge sucker for teasing, receiving and giving it.
While I did say that I prefer to be submissive, I am really good at switching power dynamics. I am capable of sudden acts of defiance or dominance if I feel like it.

So, before I come to the sadly extensive limits imposed on me, I want to share what I can bring to the table.
While English is not my primary language, I am quite proficient in it. My post length varies depending on how much needs to be described, but it ranges between one medium to two larger paragraphs. I would say that I have a talent for giving the right amount of detail for descriptions and pacing and that I usually manage to write intriguing posts with little bloat or filler. I have my way with words and I am a storyteller at heart, a few years of being a Dungeon Master really hones one's skills. I can easily take a more narrator-leaning role to fill the world around with life, if that is desired. Although, at the current moment, I'd prefer to not take up the position of narrator as things are quite stressful for me and I can't commit that much brainpower and memory to an rp. Therefore I would prefer a more casual rp or multiple short ones. I won't turn down grab'n'gulps.
While I said that I prefer the submissive role, that is only part of the truth. I really enjoy a shifting power dynamics and I can fluently swap from an insecure mess into a dominating teaser and back again. Also, I did mention that I am somewhat of a switch. I prefer being prey but I can be a pred or preddish if needed. I have experience at worshipping a pred or at least give them a feeling of superiority over me. I can lean into aspects of BDSM and a few other kinks so it doesn't hurt to ask. As for gender, I can either play a female, a feminine male or a feminine nb character.
And on a personal note, I am a patient, understanding and caring person. I try to at least be on polite terms with my partners, preferably even friendly ones.
I do realize that this doesn't look like a lot, especially in contrast of the bulk of limitation that's to come. I am aware that I fill a small niche, but I try to make the best out of it and to make up for my shortcomings wherever it is possible for me.

Now to my limits. And to my own displeasure, there might not be a lot of them, but the ones who are present are quite restrictive. I am restricted to oral vore only. Also, I cannot stand sexual content and nudity. Violence and cruelty regarding to the act of vore defeats its purpose for me as to me it's more a thing of care and safety. In a story focused rp, the digestion of NPCs can be discussable, tho. But aside from that, I don't like digestion. Which I could compromise on, if I must and reformation is a thing. I find myself in the niche of extra safe vore.

For the time being, that is all I have to say to that. As a platform of roleplaying I would like to use Discord. I would prefer if we could find times at which we all are online for role playing sessions, instead of a system of posting when one has time. At the end of my post I will leave my old lists of likes/dislikes as an easily accessible way for reference.
Please consider that my time zone is UTC +1:00.

There is one thing left to say: Don't go without a word. If there is something to criticize, tell me. If you are bored or offended, please speak up. Everyone makes mistakes and I usually try to right my wrongs or at least understand where I have crossed someone, if unknowingly.

Thanks for your time and patience,

Sincerely JackSpades

My likes
Spoiler: show
>female preds
>extra soft
-being prey
-female bellies
-preds getting a stomach ache
-female feet (a little)
-anthropomorphic characters
-sibling vore
-roleplay in a roleplay (the characters pretending to commit vore)
-OOC teasing and roleplaying
-amazon sized preds

What is ok for me
Spoiler: show
-non-anthro preds (exept snakes, worms, plants, snails, etc)
-Canon play (as long as I don't have to play a Canon Character, I'm fine with it to some extend)
-femboy preds
-being pred

Spoiler: show
-sexual content (flirting and a loving relationship is ok)
-farting and other odors
-other types of vore than the ones mentioned above
-male preds
-herm, shemale, etc... (sorry, but I don't find anything in these things)

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