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Postby luvidicus » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:52 am

A Brief Overview

NOTE: I am willing to play a pred in this scenario, I just prefer to have a chance at playing prey at least once if we do multiple RP's revolving around this concept!

Greetings! I have been roleplaying on this forum for a while now and decided that now would be a good idea to try out one of my more exotic scenarios. I've seen people do this one every once in a blue moon, however I have yet to experience it myself. I am a male currently looking for female / female herms / futas to portray attractions in the biological park. I am willing to play characters of any gender for my partners, but would prefer to play a male at least once within this RP as a victim. Characters can range from being around from 150 feet tall all the way down to 3 inches, and exhibit dimensions and security measures will be handled accordingly.

The park will be set on an isolated island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with the approximate distance between any major land masses and itself being about the distance from Midway to the North American continent, preventing any non water based creatures from escaping and wreaking havoc on the normal world at large without assistance. Aquatic characters have special containment zones across the island, one being a lagoon on southern shore and several others out among the reefs, kept in place by either electro-magnetic fences, or straight up heavy duty fencing that would be hard to break through without substantial effort depending on the size of the exhibited character.

Update! Now willing to play with Ferals!

World Settings

There are two settings that I have thought of that would work well for this situation:

1) A world in which there are only humans, and the biological attractions are all anthros /monster girls of various sizes. The anthros /monster girls would have been created via gene splicing with various humans and animals, and perhaps even aliens. Anthros /monster girls would be intelligent and perhaps even trained to do certain tasks, but they wouldn't be regarded as having human rights as they themselves are considered to be patented biological creatures, and not sentient creatures under the law. This might throw some guests off from visiting the park, but given it's carnal nature and the sheer nakedness of the creatures, it still draws in more than enough funding to keep running smoothly, adding new attractions every year.

2) A world in which humans and anthros / monster girls are the norm, and only people of extremely odd sizes / dangerous capabilities are held in the park. This scenario probably involves more empathy given the fact that the people held here are just like anyone else, just malformed in size or equipped with deadly natural abilities. This park would likely not be doing so well at all and would probably have major protests held at it's facility every month.

Potential Scenarios *Updated for Willing Prey*

1) There is an educator walking around with one of the smaller attractions, showing them off to guests and educating people about them. There is a time where the attraction may interact with guests during the show, and perhaps afterwards in private if someone wants some 'alone time' with the character. The character is also free to interact with their handler in this situation as well, and perhaps the two of you even have a special relationship of sorts.

2) There is a situation in which a larger character's handler is mistakenly locked inside of their enclosure, presumably after making sure that the fences were holding and that the clean up crew had finished disposing of any meal scraps, excrement and other things that might make the character uncomfortable. When the character is let back in, they notice the fact that their care taker has been left inside and and acts accordingly depending on the relationship that the two of them have. Perhaps the predatory devouring of an uncaring keeper, the gentleness of someone who has been treated kindly by their keeper, or perhaps even the lust that accompanies the affection that someone feels for another. Either way, most actions are acceptable in this scenario.

3) A guest somehow becomes trapped in an enclosure, either by accident or by their own stupidity. Possible explanations might include following a keeper into a restricted zone and getting locked in an exhibit, falling over the railing of an exhibit and into the pit below, ect ect. The same sort of reactions in the above description are applicable, though would likely lead more towards lust or violence as there is likely not a personal connection between the guest and the character(s).

4) An aquatic creature comes across a diver cleaning the inside of the aquarium glass and decides to become frisky with them. Depending on the character in question, things may or may not eventually lead to vore, though usually among aquatic creatures, same size vore is not permissible, and tends to be lethal to both parties.


5) Someone who is suicidal and wants to go out on their own terms pays to be presented to a predator of their choosing to be devoured or dealt with via different types of vore / A convicted felon is sentenced to execution and shipped out discreetly to the park to feed predators who put on a show for richer guests.

6) You are free to come up with your own ideas or variations of these scenarios. I'm open to any and all ideas that might be put forth, and may even throw them up here if I like them enough!

Preferences As PREY- *UPDATED*


1) Anal Play (I dislike the thought of being shoved up someone's anal passage, it's just sickening to think about the smell and what comes out of there)

2) Watersports/Scat (Like most people, I dislike the idea of having to come into contact with bodily waste)

3) Farting/Burping (Again, I don't like dealing with byproducts of the digestive system)

4) Death/Gore (I would prefer to stay alive and keep my body in tact. However, if I'm not playing the character being eaten, then I am open to this for the prey.)

5) Extreme Sadisim/Cruelty (I don't mind if you enjoy being a little rough, but I really don't like the idea of being in extreme amounts of pain around someone who simply enjoys inflicting pain on others)

6) M/M (I'm not gay and really dislike the thought of two guys going at it with one another. No offense to anyone who is gay, I'm just not)


1) Mouthplay (I love the idea of being rolled around inside of a macro's mouth for a long while until she's had enough, or until I cream myself all over her tongue)

2) Breastplay (Being squeezed between a soft pair of breasts can be a quite pleasurable experience)

3) Insertion (I love the idea of being shoved into someone's pussy and being used as a dildo...or down some Futa/Herm's cock)

4) Being forced to/Forcing others to orgasm repeatedly. (Should speak for itself, I enjoy being forced to orgasm, and doing the same for other Macros/Micros)

5) Willing/Unwilling situations (Again, speaks for itself)

6) F/M F/F Fu/M H/M and the reverse of those.

7) Canon Characters (Just because you can't think of an interesting OC or just want to try something with an established character doesn't mean I'll reject you. As long as you play them well you'll have nothing to fear)

Preferences as PREDATOR

Anything goes for the most part; be sure to run what you'd like by me...I tend to be pretty open about such things.


1) Exotic creatures; the more obscure / interesting the better. However, more mundane characters will also be accepted.

2) Strange features / abilites; given the background of genetic manipulation at play here, it wouldn't surprise me if some very bizarre characteristics came into play, whether sexual or not.

3) Bio-luminescence; I absolutely love the idea of characters that have glowing body parts, especially when it comes to their sexual organs and just their insides in general.

Final Note Before Contact Info

I tend to play in paragraph form when it comes to role playing, and expect at least a paragraph or two from from my partners unless circumstances within the RP do not allow for it, such as ongoing dialogue, short action scenes where either player needs a chance to act and react, ect.

Contact Info

YIM: luvidicus278@yahoo.com

Skype: Luvidicusda

Email: Luvidicus278@hotmail.com

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