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M/M | LF Preds & Prey

Postby BrokenButterfly45 » Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:37 pm

Hiya, call me BB or Butterfly. I'm here to RP vore and I'm looking for partners to do so! I tend to use my own preset characters, but given an interesting enough prompt, I'll gladly make a new one. I don't make characters for other people though -- it'll be my own character, not me RPing a picture you have. Sorry, not interested in that!

A quick rundown of my style:
1) I RP over PM and vastly prefer it. I'm open to Discord, but only if it's for a current desire specifically.
2) You don't have to do the current desires; I'm willing to set up anything with you as long as it stays inside of my will dos.
3) I absolutely won't do anything on my not list, no exceptions. I've only listed stuff there that I can't stand. If it's not on the "no" list, feel free to ask! Either I haven't heard of it, haven't done it, or am open to it.
4) Characters only, please! I'm fine with a self-insert or a completely separate character, but not you yourself.
5) I can be slow depending on what I need to do in real life (caring for my family), so it might take a bit for me to respond at times.
6) I need more than just a couple of lines, but as long as you give me enough to work off of, that's fine! You don't need to RP paragraphs for me.
7) New rule after some trouble I had: My main character will only be my own OCs. I'm fine playing a character from a picture you have or whatever for any NPCs, but I will not do it for the main character I'm playing.

If you're interested in RPing, drop me a PM! If you're interested in something not on my list, then by all means, ask me about it; I'm always glad to hear about things I've missed so I can try them and add them to the lists myself.

Testing out my new male naga character Torran (no sheet as of yet); a thought for the setting is him preying on people in a school, devouring NPCs alongside your character.

A trainer or trainers gets caught by a wild Pokemon and made its lunch! (willing to discuss on the Pokemon, but kinda craving a Charizard)

Cooking vore! But one where the prey is alive through the whole process (and in lust, not in pain) before they're swallowed whole.

Cock transformation!

Feral predator catches nonferal prey

CHARACTERS (all male)
Sheets for most of these can be found here, though not all of my characters have sheets yet. "Caring/Uncaring" means whether they see prey as anything more than food or care about what the prey wants.
Sora, a human Pokemon trainer (Prey, kind, caring)
Fini, a demi Lopunny (Pred, taunty/cruel, usually uncaring)
Ace, a blue anthromorphic Mew (Apex Pred, taunty, usually uncaring)
Kage, an anthromorphic Greninja (Pred, can be taunty or kind, can be either caring/uncaring)
Galahad, a shiny Charizard (Pred, can be either taunty/kind, usually uncaring)
Zeno, a black-furred Lucario (Switch, can be either taunty/kind, usually uncaring)

Sunil, an angel (Switch, can be either taunty/kind, usually caring)
Asmodeus, a chimera demon (Apex Pred, taunty, can be either caring/uncaring)
Salfar, a half-incubus (Pred, taunty/kind mix, caring)
Kurt, a shapeshifter demon who appears as a demi rabbit or fox (Prey, kind, caring)

Fang, a Wolfssegner/werewolf (Switch, kind, caring; but can be uncaring for hunted prey instead of bonded mates)

Ku'treth, a naga (Pred, usually taunty, can be either caring/uncaring)
Torran, a naga (Pred, can be either taunty/kind, can be either caring/uncaring)

Raka & Kahm, a pair of human twins (Prey, kind, caring)

Certain canons: MMO player-made characters (World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV), Pokemon, Digimon
M/F (if your idea interests me; I'll always be the male)
Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Anal Vore, but only when relating to mpreg-unbirth. Not for digesting.
Transformation (either through unbirth/rebirth or inside of a predator's stomach)
Multiple characters/throwaway characters
Using the idea of a picture but replacing the picture's characters (at least for me, you're welcome to use the picture char if you want)
Tail Vore
Mpreg, you can impregnate mine if yours don't wanna be pregnant.
Fatal Digestion
Feral preds
Multiple Prey
Bone disposal/clean disposal (passing bones but no scat)
All species, from furry to demi to human to feral to Pokemon to Digimon to almost any canon species.
Cum digestion > Impregnation
Underage prey, age 8+, but we can keep it legal age. (No sexual stuff here, though)
Sex with vore
Bulges/big bellies/full bellies from cum or prey
Willing prey/sex
Unwilling prey/sex
Cock transformation

Playing a character from a picture you give me (I don't get any enjoyment out of RPing a character with major aspects decided by someone else)
You playing a female predator (prey is okay, though men are preferred)
Playing a character you've made
Scat, watersports, farting, etc. -- anything gross
Intersex/Futa/Dickgirl/Whatever you call it
Straight soul vore/soul-only vore (if the soul is just digested with the body, that's fine)
Giant(ess)/Macro, Micro
Overly muscled men/heavily masculine men
Weight gain
Elderly characters
Characters with thick beards/facial hair
Hard vore/eating gore
Hyper anything (unless it starts that way and shrinks, like for cock transformation)

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