M Switch Looking for dommy or casual Preds / switches

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M Switch Looking for dommy or casual Preds / switches

Postby SweetCheese » Thu Nov 24, 2022 5:23 am

Male switch here who's honestly just looking for more people that don't mind me playing pretty much only one / two self inserty characters.
No gender preference from me, as long as you are a pred or switch.

Was thinking I'd like to create a pretty simple setting for rps to be a bit continuous in! Kind of like a world where we set the rules and have our characters play inside of it.
If you know me already, you're more than welcomed to DM me too and tell me you're interested in this, but i do like some ideas and inspiration too!

Really looking for more casual focused things. You don't need to be a dom, but at least want you to be a pred / switch. I'm not looking to be dominant, but I am looking to tease and allure regardless of standard dom/sub roles.

My main character is mostly Cheese, who can be found here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/720592

big kinks I love:
Heavy teasing
hyper sizes on bodies.
casual vore (even casual vore worlds)
Audio / onomatopoeia focus
Control over prey / friends (preds being superior)
greedy, needy, possessiveness
,, sometimes footplay

Aftermath of vore preferred to be digestion / sentient fat, pred controls reforming if at all. If fatal preferred one-offs.
Endo is very loved.

dm me if interested.
If you really wanna catch my eye, share me some of your characters, desires, and a kinky pic or two you like.

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