Male looking for Male/Female. (Updated, Jan 27)

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Male looking for Male/Female. (Updated, Jan 27)

Postby tedge10 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:06 am

Hello, i am a male fox seeking any kind of pred.

I am seeking roleplay partners for vore and just general talking and snuggles.
I am willing to do just about anything minus things involving gore and pain etc.
I mostly do vore preferably soft, painless digestion with reformation is the ONLY digestion i will allow.
I type in short(ish) back and forth responses in first person, don't expect an essay from me.
Willing to try new things as long as theres no blood and so on, males prefered but im okay with anything else.
If you wish to talk about more specific likes/dislikes and so on feel free to contact me.

TLDR, open to most things with some limtations, shortish responses, contact me for details.

Contact me at Cpl.Terry on Skype.
(EDIT: Turns out my skype is basically impossible to find, PM me your skype name and i will add you as soon as i am on next.)

(EDIT 2: I am now also available on Telegram at CplTerry, just let me know you are from Eka's. I have a Discord too at Cpl.Terry#4402 but i am less active there sometimes.)

(EDIT 3: I am pretty much only using Telegram at this point, you can contact me on Discord but sometimes i forget to check it. My Skype account is a no go because i am basically locked out at this point.)

Have a nice day.

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