Male switch searching for male or herm partner

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Male switch searching for male or herm partner

Postby Killjoy364 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:52 am

Hello everyone killjoy here just posting this search post up because I'm hoping to find people of either similar interest or others who want to have an enjoyable rp. I have been rping for a little while and though I am not the best rp partner I at least try to please my partners in any way possible. but I will admit I do have some problems with grammar such as missing certain points in punctuation or extremely long sentences but if your willing to endure that then shoot me a pm and we can start discussing potential ideas.

on a side note if anyone wants to do a rp with rpg mechanics then I am fine with that as well.

one other side note please don't respond if your just going to disappear after we talk out details please and thank you.

newest update: having now realized the last time I changed this I forgot my fetishes I will correct that now. my main forms of vore that I prefer are CV or AV, also I will mainly play a male role and hope for people to at least have some idea of a rp in mind. one other thing I should add is my main form of rp style is either pm or discord and one other kink I hope your ok with is hyper.

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