Currently seeking to join a rp or rpg game group

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Currently seeking to join a rp or rpg game group

Postby Killjoy364 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:40 am

Hello everyone, Killjoy again with another update as to what I'm looking for in a rp or game.

in a rp I'm looking for open minded players that don't mind some crazy ideas but not scat or watersports crazy. I mainly play a male in rp's but can be convinced to play another gender depending on the circumstance and mainly prefer cock vore as well as anal but can play with other types but my least favorite due to how bland it is to me at least is oral vore. I'm also a huge fan of hyper sized endowments, its not required but it would brighten my mood. there are other fetish's that I like but I would mainly check them with your own to see if you would mind it or not as they are not required.

as for the rpg games any setting would do but please if your going to play or ask me to play don't just disappear for months with no word as it not only makes me worry but it makes me feel as though I did something wrong.

and one last note, I'm going to be honest here and say that I'm not the greatest when it comes to explanations or descriptions for characters but besides that I haven't had a partner to play with in a long while and have begun to lose hope but don't take this as a guilt trip because I don't want you to respond out of pity but because you genuinely want to play. as for contact information just shoot me a pm on here and ill send a reply back as soon as possible and I'm open to discord as well, so thank you for reading this and your time.

P.S. im not as active on eka's as i use to be so i will be slower in responding

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