Switch (Leans based on mood) looking for Switch or Preds

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Switch (Leans based on mood) looking for Switch or Preds

Postby UBHunter » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:45 pm

New RP ad from me. Looking for RPs. Perfer long term parnters, doing multiple RPs at once, or one after another, if you only want a one off, then tell me please, **especially because I am looking for long term partners**

**Also big plus if you can be on 7PM (ish) to 12 - 1am (roughly) EST (That's Eastern Standard Time, East Coast USA, convert your time to it to check) I can definitely RP at other times, but I am almost always on at those times**

I am not looking to *only* play Female Pred, if your not wanting to allow me to have variety in my roles, then my interest levels drop dramatically.

Looking for sexual RPs, these are **kinks**, not intrests, so i view them sexually most of the time.

I like my RPs long term, usually with main characters reforming/cheating death by some "science" or magic or something depending on the setting if the RP, but can do short term too.

When it comes to posts and grammer, I dont expect much. The big thing I expect is the abilty to form proper sentences, don't use nothing but lowercase letters, use periods and commas atleast sometimes. You don't have to be perfect, I know I make mistakes all the time, but please try. And length doesn't matter as long as the RP is moving and isn't getting slowed down by replies that are not even a full sentence. Execptions for dialogue, sometimes when asked a question I get it if all your reply is is something like "Yes" "Maybe" etc, assuming it doesn't hold up things.

LOVE world building, if you want to make some alternative universe where a bunch of kinks and sexual things are commonday things, still sexualized or not, then we have a high chance of having fun RPing together.

Love canonplay too, but its limited because of what I do and what of it I am willing to sexualize. Some franchises like (warning, mostly video games):
Most Nintendo ones
Ace Attorney
Sonic The Hedgehog
A few Disney ones
*ask me about others, My mind is actually kinda blanking right now on this.*

I will play Male or Female, Pred or Prey, though what I want changes on my mood.

My likes and dislikes:
If you don't like a couple things, just tell me. If we line up on a lot of things and one or two things are deal breakers, just tell me and most likely I can let it go expect for a few select things.

Same Size Vore (Can do Macro/Micro, but Same Size is a requirement)
RPing 1st Person (As in I like to RP 1st Person, you don't have to)
Oral Vore
Disposal (Would prefer, can't say 100% required)
F/M (M/F)
Playing a Male pred
Cock Vore
Anal Vore
Breast Vore
Cum digestion (Cock & Unbirth)
Lactation and Breastfeeding

Cum inflation
Loli/Shota stuff
TF stuff
Traps (As a result of Vore)

MPreg (Haven't tried it)
Male Preds I am not playing
Smells (Dont really like Smellplay, but can accept a little)
Furries (Can enjoy, but dislike every RP having a bunch of anthros and stuff unless its some sort of Canonplay)

Dislikes: (willing under some circumstances)

No! NO! NO WAY!:
Hard Vore
Scat play
Muscular Super Manly Male Preds

There is more depth to my likes and dislikes (Kinda) I just listed what was on my mind.

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