Male looking for Female for World Building RP

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Male looking for Female for World Building RP

Postby UBHunter » Thu Apr 18, 2024 8:57 am

If anyone wants to RP, i play male preds and male prey, looking for female pred or prey.

I prefer Discord, ThatVoreLover is my username.

Am looking for semi-literate to literate RPs. I don't want to be overly demanding, but I want good quality replies of reasonable length.

Right now I want some grounded kinky scenarios in a modern setting. Some slice of life stuff would be great. I for sure want to incorporate kinks into the societies we RP in to world build around the smut and sex.

I usually prefer to play human males and generally play as an OC/Persona/Kinda of a Self-Insert if not playing a character made for the RP's story.

Here is a kink list, not all kinks required:








Gas (Burps & Farts)

Fatal Vore

Willing & Non-willing




Oral Vore

Anal Vore


Cock Vore

Breast Vore

Cleavage Vore

Lactation & Breast


Belly Pet


Hyper ass

Hyper breasts

Hyper balls

Weight Gain



Casual Vore

Casual Sex

And a lot more

Hard limits are scat eating and gore outside of digestion We can discuss more if you message me.

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