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Seeking Female for Kinky Vore World Building and RPing

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:12 pm
by UBHunter
I prefer Discord, but can RP via PMs, Message me for my discord if intrested.

Current intrest is someone who wants to get into the nitty gritty of world building for a world where Vore is a common everyday thing. From the brands of product, to social norms, etc.

I would prefer to play the OC in canon based RPs involving them, however I like to keep things as even and far as possible, so if I have an RP with an OC, I will try to have an RP for you with an OC too unless you say otherwise.

I prefer to play Male, but can play female too.
And as stated, I am a switch, can play pred or prey for either gender, so if your a switch, pred, or prey, please look further

Required Kinks:
Oral Vore
Digestion for Oral Vore
Reformation (If the main plot point of the RP is shipping two characters or a character and a OC)
Must allow me to write in 1st person for OCs and 2nd or 1st person for Characters
(You can use 3rd, 2nd, 1st, whatever you want)
NSFW/Mature Content (Vore is a kink, so I like things getting Sexual)

Perfered but can be negotiated out of:
Farts (No bad smells though)
Weight Gain
Painful digestion
Arousing Digestion

Big Bonuses but not required:

Other notable likes:
Anal Vore
Breast Vore
Bladder Vore
Butt related stuff
Bones in disposal (not skulls or gore)

Notable list of okay stuff/on the fence stuff:
Feet stuff (No dirty or sweaty stuff though)
TF Stuff

Aboslute nos (anything *NOT* here *IS* negotiable, though some things will be a harder sell):
Hard Vore
Scat Eating/Scat Play
Smell Play (Refering to bad smells)

I decided to keep this post light to hopefully attract more RPers. There are more things I like and am okay with, but these are like the bullet points, we can discuss more if you message me.