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*Switch* looking for RP with Nintendo Girls (& More inside)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:11 pm
by UBHunter
Looking for RPs with Nintendo girls as Preds or Prey. Also love girls from Ace Attorney, Megaman, Shantae, Sonic, and a few other games that fit into those tone of games. Also will RP with Disney Princesses, though a limited selection.

I prefer Discord, but can RP via PMs, Message me for my discord if intrested.

I would love to include OCs in the RPs, and OCs shipped with characters are always the best in RPs, though having RPs where its Characters for both Pred and Prey are fun too.

I would prefer to play the OC in RPs involving them, however I like to keep things as even and far as possible, so if I have an RP with an OC, I will try to have an RP for you with an OC too unless you say otherwise.

Required Kinks:
Oral Vore
Digestion for Oral Vore
Reformation (If the main plot point of the RP is shipping two characters or a character and a OC)
Must allow me to write in 1st person for OCs and 2nd or 1st person for Characters
(You can use 3rd, 2nd, 1st, whatever you want)
NSFW/Mature Content (Vore is a kink, so I like things getting Sexual)

Perfered but can be negotiated out of:
Farts (No bad smells though)
Weight Gain

Big Bonuses but not required:

Other notable likes:
Anal Vore
Breast Vore
Bladder Vore
Butt related stuff

Notable list of okay stuff/on the fence stuff:
Feet stuff (No dirty or sweaty stuff though)
TF Stuff

Aboslute nos (anything *NOT* here *IS* negotiable, though some things will be a harder sell):
Hard Vore
Scat Eating/Scat Play
Smell Play (Refering to bad smells)

I decided to keep this post light to hopefully attract more RPers. There are more things I like and am okay with, but these are like the bullet points, we can discuss more if you message me.