Female/Femboy Prey seeking All Pred (Discord preferably)

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Female/Femboy Prey seeking All Pred (Discord preferably)

Postby WideVariety » Thu Dec 26, 2019 5:14 am

(Disclaimer: If you have Discord, I'm much easier to reach on that, and you can find me at Pleeb#9284 ^^)

Hello, and welcome to the profile! *smooches*

So, I used to be on here, but took a break for private reasons before coming back and deciding to give Vore a focus again! Here's hopes it goes well!

So, I spent a lot of time on F-List, and was able to refine my skills to a large degree. I've figured out what I prefer to roleplay with and as, so here it is!

Genders I Like (Most->Least, even though I'll play with anyone x3):


I WILL NOT play with human males unless they're cuntboys, but otherwise I don't care about species.

Types of Vore I Prefer (Most->Least):


Types of Vore I will Not Do:

Absorption (unless done well or by a slime character)


So, that be it! I won't object to any gender, just to let you know, but if you're one my character doesn't like, the roleplay will have to require orientation play (making someone question their sexual preferences). Which, honestly, is something I love!

Now that that's out of the way, check out who there is to offer up for you!

Janet. Hermaphroditic Cow.
Spoiler: show
Name: Janet Rizer
Nicknames: Jan, Moomoo
Gender: Herm (Can be Female or Shemale)
Age: 29
Species: Cow
Personality: Shy and insecure
Sexuality: Bi
Top/Bottom: Switch
F-List Link: https://www.f-list.net/c/janet%20rizer/
A Little Backstory: Janet didn't have much growing up, mainly due to being, well, a cow. Despite her simply chubby and somewhat curvy frame, she still heard fat jokes and suffered the usual bullying sprees. But she fought through it, sticking to her writing and friends online. After senior year, she was accepted to the University of Oregon, and took the proper courses to become a screenwriter. She actually succeeded in this career, and was able to pay off her massive student debt. But she never let her 'fame' get to her. Screenwriters always stayed behind the scenes, and despite her penning of multiple Oscar-winning horror and drama movies, with one failed comedy, she didn't get much notice. She was part of the writers for a V/H/S movie that never was filmed, and currently lives in a small apartment in the nicer side of L.A., close to San Fransisco, the proud bearer of her one failed relationship. She is still a virgin.

Kimberly. Small Fennec, Big Attitude.
Spoiler: show
Name: Kimberly Rae Koda
Nicknames: Kim, Kimmy, Kimmy-Rae, Rae, Koda
Gender: Female (might play herm)
Age: Varies (depends on scenario. 18 to 22 in college, 24 to 27 at work. Might play her younger if requested)
Height/Weight: 4'3" (yes, you read that right), 130 Lbs
Species: Fennec (big-eared fox)
Personality: Happy and carefree, but wary
Sexuality: Gay
Top/Bottom: Always bottom, excepting oral
F-List Link: https://www.f-list.net/c/kimberly%20rae%20koda
A Little Backstory: Kimberly Rae doesn't see herself as a complex creature. If anything, she lives a simple life as a reporter for the city newspaper and occasionally goes to bars when not on the clock finding interviewees. Its a fun career, and it pays well enough for her to live in an adorable little condo overlooking the city square. She's friendly, kind, tiny, and doesn't feel any qualms about her anthromorphic genes. However, if you don't catch her eye, work DOES come before all else. This does not, however, mean she is crush proof. She gets them easily! But she still maintains priorities. She fought her way to the top, and here she'll stay, as one of the main reporters of the Daily Gazette. Kimberly had always been work-focused. THAT, no one could doubt. But she DID let one guy change her mind once - a Senior named Randall, a diamondback rattlesnake. Randall was definitely venemous, although Sophomore Kim couldn't tell. He cheated on her with some of her formerly best friends, and manipulated her to stay with him. But as soon as he graduated, Kim shunned him, living out the rest of her college life in peace and singularity. She's not a virgin due to this, but doesn't consider what they had as real, and will consider herself uncorrupted. He also, quaintly, made her hate dating men enough to turn gay.

Mari. Shark with a Secret.
Spoiler: show
Name: Marilee
Nicknames: Mari
Gender: Herm
Age: 20
Species: Scientifically Altered Shark
Personality: Shy, insecure, and doesn't really know what she's doing with her life
Sexuality: Bi, Female Pref
Top/Bottom: Switch
F-List Link: https://www.f-list.net/c/marilee
A Little Backstory: Marilee didn't want this- at least, not the downsides.
She had been dragged from the ocean as a small, young shark, kept in a net that replenished her oxygen in the open air. Undergoing severe torments throughout her life, she had her gills fused together, undergoing massive surgery to give her lungs instead. Her find that had been attached to her arms and legs, sliced off. As she was 'modified,' she was also given a humanoid male's genitalia to go with her own. See, she was forced into service for the soldiers in a war she was forced to suffer through just as equally as they were, against 'Megas,' super-sized Furries, Scalies, and Avians hell-bent on making their smaller counterparts into nothing but food, sex toys and slaves.
But that was all years ago.
Marilee is twenty, now, and had been discharged from her 'service' after a failed pregnancy made her mentally unstable and a risk at the camps. (This part is optional of you want a virgin.) Roaming the forests, she can only stare longingly at the waters of her childhood, wishing she could dwell there again instead of visit for short times.
But nonetheless, she had developed well, and was almost able to embrace this life. Her member was a moderate six inches or so, and her breasts were plump, firm C's, although she went through weird phases where she could alter this, due to a chemical imbalance from her changes. Her skin was also far smoother, and she could actually be called attractive when her torso scars were obscured.

Melody. Happy go... Well, mostly lucky.
Spoiler: show
Name: Melody Snipe
Nicknames: Mel, Melly, Melly-Jelly
Gender: Female (tentative on playing her as a herm)
Age: 17
Species: Weasel
Personality: Bubbly and bright, if she isn't thinking about the past.
Sexuality: Bi, Female Pref
Top/Bottom: Usually Bottom
F-List Link: https://www.f-list.net/c/melody%20snipe
A Little Backstory: Melody is a bright, bubbly girl - at least, on the outside. Internally, it's a black, twisted world of fear and insecurity, with a dash of anxiety attacks and a hint of bipolar depression. But she manages, and always acts cheerful around others. Unless she has an attack, she's very outgoing, and loves to be around people. Her parents are deceased, though, and her brother raped her as a child, so family is definitely a sensitive subject. Deep down inside, this young, confused, and helpless weasel just needs someone to hold onto. However, such a situation doesn't always work like that. Life can suck, and one can easily be kidnapped, abused, or raped instead of given love, and that's what happened with her brother. She is either living with him and hiding signs of the abuse and rape he commits, homeless, or scraping by on a place of her own. Your choice.

Sarah. Pornkitty retiree.
Spoiler: show
Name: Sarah Sharlot
Nicknames: Slut (she doesn't like it unless you're a joking friend)
Gender: Female (tentative herm)
Age: 22
Species: Feline
Personality: Untrusting, secretive
Sexuality: Gay
Top/Bottom: Switch
F-List Link: https://www.f-list.net/c/sarah%20sharlot
A Little Backstory: Let's cut the shit. You probably saw Sarah online, under the name 'Pornkitty.' And don't lie, it IS a shitty name. Generic. Bland. Didn't stop you from clicking on it, right? And thus you entered the vortex.
She won't lie. She's a pornstar. She's into her job, but it's getting tiresome. She isn't gaining fame, if anything she's ruining other job opportunities later on. And all of the girls she has to act as a lover for just makes her all the more lonely. Her quality has been getting better nonetheless, but she'd die for a chance to be normal, a chance to take things slow, or at least realistically.
Sarah tried online dating. It failed. At least, so far. Everyone who messaged her wanted to be in a video or just fuck at the least. So she stayed off it most of the time, barely checking. Her videos were even more random with uploads, hardly showing up anymore, and she soon almost stopped entirely. There wasn't any appeal anymore.
So this is where she stays, dormant and to herself, afraid to show her face in public but doing so anyway as she lives day by tiresome day.

For my Femboy and Cuntboy characters, just message me! ^^


Sex (anal or vaginal)
Anything smell-based (I have Olfactophilia, I don't mind what the smell is. So don't worry, you don't have to be gassy to say hi, even if that's my favorite category of smells, per se!)
Head First
Butt stuff!

Feet First (I have done this a ton. It annoys me how people don't understand there's more than one way. Please, if you want to do feet first only, expect me to be rather cold to the idea for the time being.)

Endo (unless it's a dom/sub or parental sort of relationship, that's quite fine!)

SO! Feel free to message me if anything sounds nice, and don't let your hated kinks scare you away! I require nothing but literacy!

Want me to turn our RP into a story? Check this out! I do RP-to-story stuff for free, of course: viewtopic.php?f=83&t=48486

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