Friendly and Flexible Female Switch LF Casual Friends/RP's

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Friendly and Flexible Female Switch LF Casual Friends/RP's

Postby Vae » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:16 pm

Partner seek is on pause, please read spoiler!
(Fuchsia means serious)
Spoiler: show
AHH! Okay, I love you all and I love the response that this has gotten but I've become swamped by replies. I really dread the thought of turning anyone away, so I still encourage you to continue reading and maybe contacting me, but I'm warning ahead of time that I simply do not have the available time to respond adequately to everyone in a timely manner. All new PMs (after the time of this edit, Sunday 10/2)for this thread will be responded to with a sarcastic, humorous or witty confirmation PM once I've read them because I don't ignore anyone, but expect a reasonable wait time before I start anything new.

Thank you all and I'm deeply sorry for any potential partners that I may have deterred with this inconvenience.

Hello! Let me start by saying thanks for giving me a click! ... anyway,

I'm Vae, I'm seeking out a partner(s) and/or chat-mates for the first time here on the forums, and I'd be happy to hear from you if you're interested!

The Vague Basics:
-I am a 50/50 pred/prey switch. Happy to play either in nearly any scenario (or play both, if you're a switch too!)
-I almost exclusively play female characters. (this is not a law, but its what you should expect)
-If it's not a NO (at the bottom of preferences) assume that I am okay with trying it.
- " " (For people who like sliders)

Definite yes:
- Vore!
- Female predators
- (semi-) Consensual vore (doesn't have to mean "willing")
- Me being a nice pred
- or being nervous prey
- involving regular food or food TF
- Pred-prey dialogue post-vore!
- Digestion
- Micro, Macro, Same size
- Magic, Science
- etc.

- (As a note, I care a lot about context and motivation for vore.)

Probably a happy to try out:
- Anything else not mentioned above or below.

Conditional yes:
- Anal vore - mood dependant & gotta be clean
- Male pred - As long as you aren't a domineering mongoloid or a bodybuilder jerkass, its usually fine. (no hyper-masculinity, basically.)
- Sex scene - Probably a yes, but it's not really why I'm here.

No, sorry:
- farting or stink play
- Rape
- Gore
- Watersports
- Underage ( no exceptions )
- MLP (even less exceptions )

I don't have any running tab of characters I play but instead have a few defaults that I adapt to different scenarios and settings. If given no reason to make adjustments, for example, I'm likely to default to a twenty something human female with roughly my own personaltiy because hey, its easy to play what you know, haha! I like Sci-fi, Futuristic, High Fantasy, Mild fantasy, and even Modern Day settings! I try to avoid using existing characters from media I am unfamiliar with, though I'll work with it if I do know it well enough.

I'm happy and eager to play along with most settings and stories but I have a particular love for anything vaguely resembling two individuals hesitantly or accidentally attempting vore for the first time and/or as friends.

There is one specific breed of scenes of which I lack any interest in on account of being bored to tears by them:
Spoiler: show
Settings in which Vore is treated as common or even public practice. Trope examples including Vore Restaurants, Vore television shows, or see-how-many-nondescript-persons-you-can-shove-down-your-gullet contests... The way in which I enjoy vore most is exactly inverse of this sort of scenario, and thus I'm very disinterested in it. No offense to those who love it.

My vore RP experience (on and off for the last 3-5 years) has, thus far, been almost entirely limited to the on-site chatroom and a handful of online games (SS13 for example). So I do appreciate any forgiveness and patience provided ahead of time for my incompatibility with the medium.

For a better idea of my interests, you can look at my sparse RP profile linked above, check out what kind of artists I've followed, or of course, just shoot me a PM!

If you just want to say Hi, Send me a message!
If you want to know more about me or my preferences, Send me a message!
Want to tell me I'm a jerk? Send me a message!
Interested, and want to share something about yourself? Unlikely, but; Send me a message!

Even if you realize right away that you don't really want to RP with me because <reason>, thats fine, I'm not easily offended.

Again, thanks for checking out my thing, I've never tried making one of these before so I don't know what to expect or if did an adequate job here so... I guess we'll see? Hopefully soon!
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