Micro prey looking for feral preds of any kind!

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Micro prey looking for feral preds of any kind!

Postby manty » Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:33 pm

Hello there!

Im an experienced roleplayer who writes detailed and lengthy replies. Been role-playing vore stuff for over 5 years now.

Lately I have been in a strong mood to play an rp with a feral pred of some kind. Be it that my character shrinks around a normal animal like a cat or dog. Or a giant dragon or monster of some kind. In terms of scenarios, Im sure we could think up something great. Could be a pet sitting gone awry, or a micro sized person getting eaten by a friends pet while they went to the bathroom. Could be non-fatal or fatal, messy or clean.

Whilst Im flexible and open to suggestions, here are some feral preds I'd love to play with: Horses, Cats, Dogs, cows, dragons, bears, dinosaurs.

If interested, send me a dm! I'll include a list of likes and dislikes bellow, none of them are strict "musts" except for Micro/macro style size differences and the stuff on the dislike list.

Micro / macro ( a must)
Anal vore
Feral preds
Full tour
Non fatal
Cock vore

Same size
Hard vore
Explicit gore
canon play
under aged characters


I prefer to play the prey role. I have on occasion played pred before, but it doesn't do much for me Im afraid.
I generally play male characters.
I tend to prefer playing human characters, but have no problem player other races if its strongly preferred.
I love size differences and micro/macro
I tend to write detailed and descriptive posts, ranging from 1-3 paragraphs, and greatly appreciate partners who do the same.

I can play over PMs / Skype /telegram / discord

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