Anyone Wanna RP?

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Anyone Wanna RP?

Postby ThisisHalloween239 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:16 am

Hello, I am ThisisHalloween239, and I wish to do a roleplay, mainly a vore one, but I also like pregnancy ones. Warning, do not expect long replies, I am very simple RPer.

Being Prey
Being pred (Love!)
Disposal (optional)
diaper related vore (optional)
Sex (optional)
female pred
female prey
male pred(optional)
male prey
animal ped(optional)
animal prey(optional)
alien pred(optional)
plant pred(optional)
world building
anal vore (optional)
cock vore (optional)
oral vore
breast vore (optional)
sadistic preds
underage prey (optional)
underage pred(optional)
incest (optional)
gore (optional)
cooking (optional)
hard vore (optional)

Micro/macro (non-negotiable)
non-fatal (non-negotiable)
NSFW (optional)
scat playing
impatience (I'm not on here all the time, so be patient)
long replies(optional)

Favorite Scenarios: A vore movie celebrity (male or female)
A mom voring her children in order to be single again
Cannon Media vore scenarios
A vore Grindhouse film (gore, torture, recommended for those who want that ultimate sleaze and just messed up stuff)

The ones I marked optional are, well optional. if you like NSFW, we can put it in, if you don;t like the things i marked optional, we don;t have to include them, my only RP options are PM or Discord (though I prefer PM), so if you are interested, PM me.

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