M switch for f (or m furry/scaly/avian) pred, or any prey

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M switch for f (or m furry/scaly/avian) pred, or any prey

Postby deadpoolfan » Sun May 20, 2018 10:51 pm

Concerning preds:
To all hungry female preds out there!
(and some male preds as well. the only male preds i'll accept have to be non-human, and not bear any resemblance to humans. most of the options are given in the title)
I would say what i want you to do, but i'm pretty sure you've already guessed.

Looking mainly for oral vore, but I'm okay with anal and ub.
Digestion is preferred.
Unwilling most of the time, but can make exceptions.
Same size also preffered.
Strongly against cock vore.
Mainly against breast vore as well.
You can be a little rough, i guess, but no straight up hard vore
I usually rp as either a human (boring, i know) or my oc, voide (reptile demi), though the latter is preferred if given the option, but you can be whatever you want.
(Also not really into inflation or stuffing either fyi)
One last thing, it's not to important, but i like talking and teasing after swallowing.
One kink in particular i have, though not required, is just being treated as food, and nothing else. Just thought of as any other meal.

In conclusion: FREE FOOD!

Concerning prey:
Me being into being pred is a relatively new discovery new discovery for me, but i have found that i quite enjoy it. Still, as a result, i don't really know too much about my preferences here. What seems to be the case, though, is i like the same things i like as prey, just inflicting it, rather than enduring it. Basically, i'm my own ideal pred, which simplifies things. Sorry about this being a bit more vague than my other section, but i'm still getting used to this. Don't hesitate to pm me if you're even remotely interested, and i guarantee that i will respond to you as soon as i see it. Hope to get a taste of you soon ;)

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Stay awesome ;)
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