Human Male Prey Seeking Any Gender Pred. Para\Multipara only

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Human Male Prey Seeking Any Gender Pred. Para\Multipara only

Postby alphabetaomega » Tue Jun 05, 2018 4:14 pm

If you're going to read anything, I highly recommend looking over my F-List page which is HERE. Its far more detailed than my Aryion post and will give you a better idea if we're a good match. Give it a glance BEFORE messaging me, please!

Thank you

I am looking for a roleplay partner who can write descriptively for different roleplay scenes or stories. My tastes and preferences cover a wide spectrum, though taking a gander over my F-List page should give insight as to what those are.

RP Requirements
Its hard for me to be interested in roleplaying without these being included:

• Detailed and descriptive paragraph or multi-paragraph posts
• Anal vore, cock vore, and soft vore
• Full disposal
• Scat
• Snuff
• Underage Prey/Victims

What I Can Offer
• Close to no limit on kinks.
• Descriptive paragraph or multi-paragraph posts.
• Willing to discuss scenes and ideas as well as try out new things.
• I prefer playing as human characters, but I can play as non-human characters for scenes as well, just not always.
• I play as prey\bottom\submissive roles only.
• I can RP via PMs, F-Chat, AIM, Discord, Skype, Telegram, or Notes over F-List.

An example of my writing. Not every post is like this, but it does at least give an example of how I write\what to expect:

Spoiler: show
Five years had come and gone since the boy had last seen his father, his last memory of the large man with leathery skin doing little else but donning his gear and riding off with a small company of battle-ready soldiers. The look that he could remember on his mother’s face was one of true anxiousness, yet at the same time he also noticed her relaxed demeanor, one which made itself more pronounced in the following weeks and months. Life went on as usual with Killian growing up within the keep’s worn stone walls with the surrounding lands still reeling from the devastation wrought by the third war, a time he was thankfully not around to have seen or experienced. As life continued with his father’s absence, the man ensured that he kept up communication with both Killian and his mother, though by the third year the letters stopped coming every month or two and instead came every four or six. Eventually, the letters stopped coming altogether by the fourth, the same year that his mother had finally left, only to run off with a passing merchant who promised her a better life during their trysts.

This left Killian alone for the past year, except for the few servants who took pity on the lone boy, though also because they had no means to escape. While Killian made every effort to stress to the people of Ambermill that he was nothing like his father, their previous lord, it seemed his name had been tarnished well before he was even given a chance to try to prove otherwise. Even with all of these issues, the boy’s greatest fear was that which lay beyond the northern border of the forest, his stomach lurching as he sat upon the windowsill of his room, the window closed as his eyes peered out across the northern sky. From here, Killian could easily see the eerie, sickly glow of the City of the Dead that hid itself beyond the hilly forests, its radiance dancing among the clouds. Many nights were spent with a hand clutched against his chest at the sight, the pearly-white silken robe hanging from his lithe form as he stared out and imagined countless unseen horrors lurking at the edge of his lands. It wasn’t an uncommon among the servants to find the boy restless during the night, Killian appearing lost in a state of limbo as he continuously tried to put his thoughts at ease, his last hopes at having some semblance of normalcy resting upon the return of his father.

In the dim-glow of candlelight just a week prior, the boy had received a peculiar letter with the seal of Stormwind, the maroon-colored wax stamped and showing no signs of wear from its long journey. The letter alluded to an event of some significance, though it did not specify as to what it was exactly, and instead merely alluded that something of great importance was enroute to his keep. A sense of dread washed over the blonde-haired boy as he brought the aged parchment to rest upon his lap, his cobalt gaze drifting upward towards the rain-slicked window. It was there that he sat and waited, a day and a night passing before he spotted the faint glimmer of torchlight along the road and the lone rider. Killian instinctively knew that it was a messenger, and not his father, and that their presence brought ill news about the lord who had not returned from war.

What I Am Looking For
• Close to no limit on kinks.
• Descriptive paragraph or multi-paragraph posts.
• Punctuation and grammar skills.
• Willing to discuss scenes and ideas as well as try out new things.
• Partner who prefers playing as non-human characters (Any gender), or human femboys\shemales.
• Partner who prefers playing as predator\top\dominant role.

My Primary Interests
• Writing detailed and descriptive roleplay scenes, with or without story elements.
• Long-term or "epic" length roleplays with story elements, kinks, and of course vore themes.
• Male\Male or Male\Shemale pairings.
• Dominant characters (Predators) with an affinity for affable or sadistic personalities.
• Scenes with sex and\or vore, but also scenes without it.

Feel free to send me a PM on here to talk more. I'm very approachable. You can also contact me via AIM, Discord, or Telegram. I don't have any scenes or stories going on at the moment, so I'm very available and definitely eager to dedicate my time to creating some awesome scenes and epic stories! :)

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