**Experienced Pred/Prey switch looking for any rp

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**Experienced Pred/Prey switch looking for any rp

Postby FlamezaFoxy » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:41 pm

***Now I'm currently seeking out rps!!*****
((This includes when I'm offline or online. I will always get back with you day(s) afterwards))

Disclaimer: I can do short/long ups. Normally as of sentence structure but changing depending on the rp itself and its plot.

Additional Notes:
Update: December 19,2017
**This forum is constantly being updated so be afraid to try something that's not on here, be sure to check out the bottom of the forum for different places to rp if you're interested in rping anywhere not involving Eka. Any prefs on this that aren't listed and want me to try, be sure to ask me in pm.**

**If you want to transform into any specific, let me know and we'll work something out.**

**If you other prefs on what characters I use, here are some other one's I've made:

- Axel_Redtail (Anthro/Feral) https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Axel_Redtail

- Shawn the Husky (Feral but soon to have anthro unless requested) https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Shawn_the_Husky

- Makota the Kitsune (Can be feral if requested...) https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Makota_Thundertail

-Cynder the Dragon(Feral but can be anthro if requested) https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Darkest_Cynder

- Sasha the Wolf (Anthro currently. Would like help developing her profile more if anyone's willing) https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Sasha_the_Wolf

-Kurama the Ninetailed Fox from the Naruto Shipuden series( Can be anything that you mainly want): https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Kurma_9T_Demon

- Natasha the Dog(Female anthro): https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Natasha_Flufftail

-Mothera Blacktail (Female Dragoness): https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Mothera_Blacktail

Pokemon characters so far:
- Krista the Ninetales Fox( can be feral, anthro): https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Krista_Ninetales

-Jackie the Arcanine( can be feral or anthro):https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Jackie_Arcanine
Some of my general likes are:

m/f,m/m, f/f(maybe), m/h, f/h
Soft vore(can do hard vore but it has to be mild)
Tail Vore(Big Fav ^.^)
Cock vore(Big Fav ^.^)
Anal vore(Big Fav ^.^)
Breast vore
Transformations(of any kind) (Fav)
Digestion(if requested)
Any gender oriented sex
Can be Pred, Prey, or Switch
Foreplay(Teasing, flirting, messing around)
Any Master/Pet scenerios
Soul Vore
Watersports(Not Required)

Likes/Ok with:
I like Unwilling/Willing vore equally
Little things I like:
Worshiping a Master/or Own a Pet(If optional)

What I'm Neutral to:

Things I'd like to try:
**Anything that's not on this list**

Some ideas for rp settings/or scenarios for our characters

**This also includes any creative scenarios you'd like to throw at me. I will listen to any suggestion you make.**

- - At a hotel in the Nexus, lives in a 2nd story apartment

- At a bar not too far from my hotel where new furs/peps come and go to meet up

- In the Nexus park, I have a cave in which I hang out in from time to time and I tend to go for walks
towards the middle of the park where the social gatherings are.

- At a furry mall where only furries can meet up, shop, and talk. There's also pods that are there for
privacy purposes that have one way glass to shield onlookers.

- At a beach where furries and humans alike come to relax. Possible meets in the bathrooms can lead to our characters meeting up

- In the forrest in the outskirts of town or wherever in or out of the Nexus.

-West of the Nexus park towards the mountain ranges....

- Virtual Pleasures- You decide to check out a vore site on the internet that you've never seen before. The site contains many different types of vore and depending on your interests.
choices will end up leading you to my profile. Clicking on it sends you to my place where Hell shall break loose :P
-The Hunt-You are prey in the expansive forrest of the Nexus and something is hunting you for whatever intentions it may be.
((**Suggestions would be helpful**))
- Vore Wrestling Match- The match mustly ends with the loser being churned on down or we can discuss different rules to have in this rp ^^

Programs we could rp on other than Eka:
Discord=Axel Redtail#9250
Skype= Coolsboy4321 ((Lol, don't ask why its called that. I was uncreative when I first made this account))
Telegram= @FlameZaFoxy

Programs I'd like to try
IMS(Instant Messaging), YIM(Yahoo Instant Messages), and others not listed, pm me about.

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Here's a link to my forum for my prefs or soon-to-be-prefs:
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