Female prey LF Male/Female Pred

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Female prey LF Male/Female Pred

Postby minicupcake » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:28 am

Well hello there,

I am not new to roleplaying, so do not let my lack of posts scare you away I just don't reply to threads a whole bunch.

All the Loves:
- Prey preference: Male or Female human/fairies .
- Being Prey: Male or Female (can be male or female)
- Preds must be human, not into furries or anthros.
- Oral/soft vore.
- Macro/Micro
- Mouthplay - held in the mouth while pred continues to eat has become a favorite lately.
- Foodplay: mixing the prey into food.
- Food transformation
- Underage pred (middle school-ish.)
- Aware or unaware.
- Cruel or gentle
- Full Tour or Partial Digestion (I do not like fatality unless it deals with food transformation. Partial digestion can be the prey has burns and such and ends up coming out whole like a kernel of corn)
- Willing or unwilling (though willing really depends on the situation)
- Farting/Belching
-***Pre and/or Post-vore Disposal*** (most important element and a MUST. It is a no-go if this is not included. I am not looking for over the top or hyposcat. This is only the natural aspect of it. This is a no-go if this is not included and given some good detail to it.)
- Humiliation.
- Sympathetic Preds: Preds who end up apologizing to the prey, they don't want to do it, but end up doing it anyway.

All the Dislikes:
- Unbirthing.
- Same-size vore.
- Hard vore
- Fatality: unless it deals with food transformation.
- Non-human preds.
- Sex
- Feet.
- Fantasy-type settings.

Some ideas I have up my sleeve:
- Could be a middle school pred who finds a shrunken prey and tries to keep it hidden from family.

- A favorite scenario right now is having a prey witness the pred eating another prey without realizing it, leading the uneaten prey in trying to get the pred's attention about the fact they ate someone. The pred is unwilling and (a little humiliated) they ate someone and about to subject them to their insides, while the prey in wanting to help the eaten prey and making sure they come out, regretfully offers up to be in the toilet when the pred has to go. Of course, the pred is being stubborn about wanting to use the bathroom as they are ashamed of pooping out the person they ate.
- Have also been playing around with the idea of tormenting the prey, whether the pred knows about it or not. One idea has been the prey gets stuck or glued or trapped inside one of those toilet bowl air-refresheners that cling to the side of the bowl. Such a humiliating place to be. Not a whole RP based around this, an idea that could happen in the duration of it.

Feel free to message me. I don't mind roleplaying in PMs or on Discord.
EDIT: I've been getting a lot of vague PMs. You need to bring something to the table, have ideas prepared.

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