Looking for a m/f rp! Females needed!

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Looking for a m/f rp! Females needed!

Postby Sharktooth » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:08 pm

Hey there!

Im looking for a/multiple roleplays where i can as preds that are uncommon, roleplay prompts that you rarely see, scarce types of prey or other things rps rarely have in them. Stuff like a latex slime pred. Magic vore (teleportation.) police vore. Accidental vore. Things like that. I dont commonly see these and thats why im looking for them!

Must have:
Long replys 3 sentence atlest and I need you to do more then just talk! You have to do something every reply. Like an action. I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. From today on. If you do 3 one liners in a week Ill quit the rp.
Just one liners are boaring. It's like doing an rp but your only allowed to talk like.
He eats you.
Digests "yum"
I can't do that I just can't

Female prey. I'm sorry but male prey is just not appealing to me. I have nothing against those who like it. But I will not do it

and last is. TELL ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE. I will not have this. I absolutely despise those who do not respect others. Leaving without saying shows you have absolutely no respect for me as a person. It shows you could care less and don't wish to spend anymore time then needed on me. And you barely want to spend the time needed on me

I love:
Romance( almost required rarely I won't)
Unwilling prey
Tight stomachs
Smaller pred
Cute prey
Original preds/rare preds/preds no one use (dolphins Sharks maybe a puffer fish)
Same size
Accidental vore
Permma vore

Micro prey (like really small. But a few feet Is ok)
And male prey

Some rp ideas.

Permma vore:

Jail time: Your oc went to jail for something but the prison was full so instead of a cell you had to live in my stomach.

Grounded: Your parents had decided to ground you for the summer since your grades were to low. Your parents couldn't keep you locked up you kept getting out so they called me a guy you had a crush on/boyfriend. I then kept you in my gut most of the summer. Rarely letting you out.

Triple dog dare: You and me were good friends. But you had no idea about vore. You doubt it was possible even after the teacher said yes. So we made a bet if i could vore you then youd have to sleep in my gut as long as we were friends. And if i even just wanted to eat you i could.

Dare accepted. Halp im stuck: a good friend dares me to vore you for the entire day. I accept. You hate it but i do it anyways. Justnto later find your stuck

Accidental vore:

drunk and clumsy: I'm drunk (you could be to) and you fall from a few floors up into my gut and im in my condo and have no idea what happened so go to sleep

watch where your going!: Sleeping on the beach and your oc just didnt look where they were and stepped into my mouth or ass and slowly shunk in.

The name I cant come up with: we were at the beach. And we were playing around. You were carring me, your boyfriend, around being silly when i slipped and your head when into my anal cavity.

Normal unwilling kidnapping vore:

the project: you were a stright A school girl you were smart and also sexy. This was your last big collage project. You had to feel what its like to be prey. You've done a pred project but you needed to be prey now. Only one other kid was a pred in this school. Me a naga. You get me to agree but little did you know tomorrow i was moving and the project lasted 3 days.

Kidnapping: you were a normal sexy high school girl. Or you thought. You had powers you didnt know about and people were after you. I was one but i came to help. But i didnt inform you at all

Please do pm me! Id really love to rp! Not really rping with anyone thats super active atm. Id like someone who will reply quickly.
Also for skype pm me my skype is richard parker but theres alot of those.

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