Seeking Vore Partners ^u^

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Seeking Vore Partners ^u^

Postby Soulary » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:59 pm

Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night ^u^

My name is Soulary, and it is a pleasure to meet you even if it is only to occupy your mind for a fleeting moment ^u^ I appreciate you taking your time and consideration to ponder this post and that of others ^u^

I still consider myself rather new to RPing altogether, but don't let that deter you! :wink: Thanks to people in the community I've found it quite engaging and continue to improve ^u^ For that I extend my sincerest gratitude ^u^ I've included a link to recent rp's profiles I recommend below for credit and a short RP example at the bottom with Multimuse:

  • If you'd like to RP with me I look forward to the adventure! ^u^ Rather than make a list of what I don't mind doing it'd be easier to list things I wouldn't be interested in RPing about and a few of the things I have a heightened interest. I'll limit both to 6 so that you won't have a laundry list of things to read ^u^ There are somethings I don't mind a little bit of, but not an excessive or detailed description of and for those I intentionally say so. However, depending on the person I can be somewhat flexible. So here's a short list to see if I'd fit your wants and desires ^u^
    • Detailed Gore or Graphic
    • High Levels of Cruelty or Humiliation
      • Essentially, Sadism
    • Lack of Description or Effort
      • Of the 3 whom I've tried RPing with, the first had broken English and would reply with only 1-2 sentences after paragraph replies. I lost interest in carrying on that story as a byproduct. So, please show some interest and or effort. In that persons defense they stated that they were simultaneously RPing with over a dozen other people.
    • Diapers or tones associated with it like babying
      • Not to be confused with clothing TF
    • Scat or Detailed Disposal
    • Soul Vore
    • Realism
      • A sense that this could possibly happen given the parameters of the laws set for the world at the beginning. Essentially, no "Anything is possible!" kind of imagination. It makes the story harder to put oneself into when there's items, people, or events materializing themselves out of no where.
      • My character will respond realistically to certain situations depending on the set up so don't expect them to just leap into a maw or flirt with someone obviously in pain.
    • Playing as Prey
      • I know, there's to many on this site it seems. But, I think it's one of the most intriguing aspects about vore. The idea that you are giving yourself wholly to someone. With all the symbolism and metaphors that come with that idea ^u^
    • I like to banter :wink: and play unaware or innocent
    • Continue!
      • It seems like many across the board decrease their effort once the prey is in the preds belly and that's the end of that. But, so much more can happen including, but not limited to: teasing, getting caught or saved, forcing themselves out futile or successful, others commentary depending on the length of time from the laws of the world, and so forth.
    • Unexpected twists or endings
    • Pleasing others
      • Even if the RP doesn't really involve much of the things listed above; if I know I made you happy I receive some intrinsic enjoyment from that ^u^

    Currently I only have one character: Soulary. But, I am willing to try using others characters if you have any in mind ^u^ Friends of mine drew the following pictures of how they pictured Soulary in their art styles and I've included them below for your reference:
    • Image
    • Image
    • Image
    • Image
      The Blue one is Soulary ^u^

    If you're one of the lucky individuals I commit to RPing with congratulations! I only rp with 1-2 people at a time. I do this because I want to give them my full attention and care like everyone deserves! Also, it's very important to me that I incorporate as much of your interests as possible so let's work together to make your perfect story come true!

    Thank you for all of your time and consideration ^u^ Please feel free to send me a PM if you'd like to know more! ^u^
    And in case I don't see you. Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night! ^u^

    ---Keep in mind the following depiction of Soulary is fine tuned to my partner somewhat---

    Multimuse Example
    Multimuse is italicized, Soulary was decided to be an anthro Australian Shephard and a bit pudgy in this one per request, and it went on for a good 28 pages before pausing (not concluding).

    It was a cool early Spring day. The plants were just starting to sprout new greenery on the brown and icy landscape. Within a few short weeks the entire area would transform itself into a natural paradise. Near the river where the soil was warmer the banks had already begun to be overtaken by reeds, soft tufts of grass, and new leaves atop the tree canopies.

    We start our journey in the small town of Tennino. Tennino is a quaint little town in the northeast built back when lumber was in high demand, but now subsists off agriculture. The folks here have little worries and can commonly be found relaxing near the local river. In this small town, everyone is welcome, and youths or lovers can often be found frolicking together in the bounties of the landscape. On this morning as the sun is slowly rising on the horizon almost sleepily as if it wished the night would go on a young anthro Australian Shephard by the name of Soulary was walking down the towns river. The sun in its low posture kissed the river turning it gold with its reflection, the river rocking on its shores ever so calmly teased the sun, and the sky as clear and blue as an eager adventurer filled with determination backdropped the Shephard on his journey.

    Soulary was going to a green meadow to meet someone special he had been chatting with online recently in hopes of finding someone to share his life with and was giddy with excitement. Occasionally he’d graze the rivers reeds with his paws and struggle to hold back a smile. The grass beneath him felt almost of a thicker silk with its new growth and soft earth beneath as he walked. As he got closer he began to rehearse what to say in his head, but laughed knowing he’d forget it all once he got there. When he arrived, he brushed aside the lime green bush concealing the meadow…
    • When you push aside the bushes, you see something unexpected and quite unusual. A large tan titanoboa was napping in the field. The sun rays reflected off of her large body gently. She had a slight grin on her face as the rays warmed her belly up. When her tongue flicked the air she jumped abit. Gazing back at the curious shepard.
    Taken aback at first Soulary quickly released his grip on the bush sending its branches dashing through the air before wobbling gently back into place. Noticing the titanoboa had spotted him and being a bit humiliated by his reaction to the large boa he stumbled in his words “uh-hu, hel-lo?” Gingerly prying the bush ever so slightly away to free his vision he peers back at the boa, but assures that not enough shows so that she couldn’t see his flustered expression from behind it either. As his gaze passes over her he cannot help but admire and feel like sinking into her gorgeous eyes which seem to pull on his heart. Her hair flows like a river from her almost human form and glistens like the beads of water stricken by the sun in waterfalls. Her long slender form basking in the sun, caressed by its radiant warmth, and becoming ever more detailed as the sun rises revealing that which perfection thought couldn’t be more beautiful. Each scale ebbing and flowing over the other as if suitors trying to determine who would get the most attention. Her slightest motion bringing about a kaleidoscope of reflections and patterns in her tail.

    Soulary with his soft, white, and blue fur, caring blue eyes, and supple frame thought himself unfit for such luck. Mustering all the courage he could he shakily pushed away the bush and stepped into the clearing to properly introduce himself. *Ahem* Soulary said as if trying to clear his throat, but obviously nervous “my n-name is Ss-sol-Soulary, an-and it is nice to meet you” with the last of his sentence pattering off. Her presence was a foreboding one given her immense size, but if she was who he hoped then everything would turn out alright. He had waited too long to meet her and was determined to see if she was her. His senses were heightened as the tension built awaiting her response. Soulary thought to himself that if this was her then she’d probably think I looked quiet silly acting as I have.
    • She heaves herself up onto her snake half with a slight grunt. A few tons is a burden when you lay down. As she moved the bushes to get a better view of you she tilted her head "Soulary from the dating site right?" Her face was just centimeters away from you. She smelled wonderful! From rolling around in the flower bed, she smelled like honey and nectar.


      The same shark anthro brought another order. But this time it was a chubby husky anthro. She wasn't SSBBW sized like the rabbit. But her belly wouldn't stop moving, she kept rubbing it as she howled softly. She ate some people thats for sure, her belly was wider than her hips and was nearly touching the ground. The shark anthro saw you and smiled warmly "Oh! I didn't see you there! Um... Is Sophia here? Sorry that this order took longer... We had to find willing prey to fit the meal." She husky woman peered inside as she smiled "Hey~! You look kind of tasty there you delicious mutt!" She bit the air to tease you abit. Her prey continued to struggle and kick her belly as she rubbed it.
    Looking outside the door Soulary was met by a strong Anthro Shark with the toothiest grin anyone ever did see. With his tail slightly betwixt his legs he stood within the shadow of the two Anthro’s and looked down to what was being delivered. Although she was a pretty husky, he couldn’t help but notice how her gigantic belly moved constantly. Looking down just as Soulary glanced at the husky the Anthro Shark smiled and asked if Sophia was present. He nodded slowly and added an affirmative “mhmm” before glancing to Sophy for assurance. Then turning back quickly upon hearing something about “willing prey” as the Shark looked at the Husky followed by Soularys own gaze. The Husky had moved up close to Soulary and bent over slightly so that she was mere inches away from his face and looked into his eyes as well as the occasional glance inside. Biting the air teasingly she made a comment on how tasty he appeared to her eliciting an involuntary whimper from him as he curled slightly back behind the door. She leaned back puffing out her chest and looking down to appear larger as her belly before him contained a plethora of moving bumps from the restless prey within. Soulary looked at the Anthro Shark behind the Husky and said “One, uh, one second p-please” before quickly closing the door and looking to Sophy with a concerned expression “Sophy?...”
    • Sophia smiled at you calmly "Don't worry.... Thats just the second course! and trust me..." She gave her large gurgling belly a firm pat, causing the bunny to roll and press against her belly "I'll have more room for more~!" Soon the Husky knocked on the door ???: "Are you going to eat me or should I just eat you instead? You do look like an appetizer, mutt!" Sophia glared at the door slightly annoyed. "Just let her in.... Can't have me starving now~!"
    Seeing Sophia’s calming smile and hearing her reassuring words Soulary felt a little better and his tail straightened a bit temporarily before returning to its shy position as he turned back to the door. Still having a light blush from seeing the large bunnies form roll and push against Sophy’s belly, unaware of it due to how often it had been occurring recently, he started to open the door. As he opened the door he heard the husky’s comment and his ears turned down and back shyly. When he had half his body out he nodded to the Anthro shark politely and started to step back pulling the door with him to welcome the husky inside.
    • Octavia helped the husky get her belly through the door frame. With a slight grunt the husky was in. She took the last swig from her bucket of water. She threw it to the ground when she smelled the food. She chuckled ???: "I didn't know you guys made me this~!" Sophia looked even more annoyed at the husky "This isn't for you...." She scoffed in response "Looks like you got your fair share!" Sophia blushed in embarrassment. The huskies words were true. Soon the husky picked up the nearest sweet "Don't mind if i... Wha-" Soon Her head was in octavia's mouth. The husky slipped and fell to the floor, causing Octavia to get on her knees. The husky demanded for help or she would eat us all! Octavia just kept swallowing the rude woman. Her breast weren't the problem... The problem was her belly. Octavia had to really stretch her maw so she could get over it. Soon Octavia's clothes ripped from the pressure. The huskies legs were the only thing out now.... Octavia gulped them down quickly until her tail was the only thing out of her mouth. She played with it for a bit before slurping it up. She fell to her side as her prey struggled. "Sorry Sophie..... I just wanted her to shut up.... -urp-" Her belly was almost as big as Sophia's, round, soft, and filled with prey. Sophia: "Don't worry about it... I was waiting for you to eat someone!"

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