Male prey looking for female pred for Anime RP

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Male prey looking for female pred for Anime RP

Postby DontStealNamePls » Tue May 22, 2018 10:20 pm

Heyy, this is just a quick and simple post about me looking to do a RP with a female pred who's willing to play as a character from an anime. It can be any character of your choosing, although if you can't think of any and want me to give you a list, then just tell me via PM or wherever we communicate. I don't have any preset scenarios in mind, but usually I can come up with one fairly quickly. Now, as far as what I'm into, here's a list:

Vore Types: (Things that have a * next to it I like, things with *** next to it means it's a must have, and things with # means maybe):
- Oral Vore*
- Anal Vore
- Breast Vore#
- Vampiric Vore
- Soul Vore
- Dress Vore** (This thing is not so much that I like it, more like I really, REALLY want to try it. NOT A MUST)

Pred Types:
- Human*
- Lamia*
- Mermaid
- Succubus
- Pokemon# (This is a huge maybe for me. More than likely I won't, although feel free to ask)
- Arachnid

Vore Things:
- Digestion*
- Disposal*
- Soft Vore*
- Hard Vore* (Soft and Hard Vore is like a 45/55. I prefer Hard Vore, but I am not against doing Soft Vore)

Gross Shit:
- Detailed Digestion
- Scat* [Love this, especially in Hyper Form]
- Gas (Belches/Farts)*** [Love this, especially in Hyper Form]
- Gore*

Femdom Things (Femdom is a MUST HAVE 120%. You don't need to be cruel, just dom):
- Facesitting***
- Gas Torture*
- Scat Torture*
- Cutting*
- Torture in General*
If you do not want to go the cruel route, you can be like a mother dom.

- Sex (This is kinda of an in-between. I like it sometimes, but sometimes not, all depends on my mood. Usually I'm up for it though)
- Long Term w/ Plot*
- Short Term
- Evolving Characters

Hope you're interested in doing a RP!

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