[Updated 6/12/19] Femboy Prey LF Any Gender/Species Preds

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[Updated 6/12/19] Femboy Prey LF Any Gender/Species Preds

Postby GeneticMess » Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:41 am

[3/30/19: Cleaned and trimmed things up. More open to male predators now!]
[4/5/19: Small changes to likes/dislikes list, mostly explaining a couple things better/highlighting my interest in sissification.
6/12/19: Added a Current Cravings section as a header. Subject to change now and then, I just post what kinds of properties, specific kinks, or scenarios I'm currently in the mood for, but aren't necessarily what we have to do, just suggestions.]

Current Cravings
* Doki Doki LIterature Club! Lots of great characters (i.e. four), although I've personally struggled to really find anyone who likes the characters and can play them well. If you'd be willing to play one of, two of, three of, or possibly even all four girls, you get some extra brownie points from me.
* The Ace Attorney series! Doesn't get enough love, imo. I've played (or at least in one case, watched) every game in the series, including the two Investigations spin-offs. Playing a character from this series would be much appreciated, but not necessary to catch my interest.
* Feral preds! More on that is detailed below, but I've been craving more beasty preds as of late. Whether it be traditional monsters, creatures of a far-off planet's ecosystem, mythological creatures/yokai, creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night, or even a creature of your own creation! Being forced into carrying these creature's young and/or being forced into being their mate is also a big plus, but not required.
* More to be added, based on my mood.

Hello! I've been on the forums since 2014, and I've been lurking for plenty of years before then. I've spent a majority of my time doing private RPs, been here and there on other parts of the forums as well. And although I've put it off forever, no more; this post needs an overall. When was it last edited, you may ask? February of last year. This thread is just over a year old and it's been edited maybe three times over it's life span. Procrastination might as well be my middle name.

I feel like I should open with a proper disclaimer about something. I'm fairly busy sometimes, like any other person with a life, but I also have a bad habit of thinking I replied to an RP when I didn't, or meaning to write a reply but taking forever to get around to it. You'll have to forgive me with that, I try my best to NOT sink into old habits like that. And if we've RP'ed in the past, or we're currently RPing and I'm being a huge doofus and not responding, please give me a poke of some kind, and we can hopefully get things back on track.

Now, let's briefly go over contact methods. My preferred method of RPing is through Discord. Easiest way to get to me and the easiest way to RP, honestly. However, RPing in the Private Forums section isn't out of the question either, if that's your preferred method. I'm also available through PMs, but I really don't like using Eka's PM system for anything beyond discussion if necessary. Limited inbox sizes means especially long RPs will eventually have to have posts deleted just to have open space.

Post length is another important topic I want to bring up. I try to match my partner's length more or less, although my default is about 3-4 good, detailed sentences, something that hopefully gives my partner some kind of dynamic to bounce off of. That latter part is especially important to me. Your post doesn't have to be especially long, but it needs substance, or I get bored quickly and struggle to find the energy to respond. Nothing crazy, but:

Partner A wrote:She gulped and rubbed her belly after a good meal. "That was filling. Thanks for that."

Not a bad response. But not a particularly engaging one, really. But let's make it a little better:

Partner B wrote:Her throat quivering in anticipation, she gave a firm gulp, sealing her prey down her gullet and into her waiting belly. It swelled with their form, and she already felt much heavier from eating them! If it felt this good eating them live and whole, she could only imagine how nice it would be once they padded her body out with some nice fat. She pat her gut, her stretched stomach subtly sloshing from her prey's movements. "Mmm... need to eat live prey more often. Thanks for the snack, dude. See ya on the flipside~" She teased her catch, her stomach bubbling and wetly squelching as her words invoked a sense of either rebellion or panic, judging from their more rapid movement and struggles.

I might've gone a little overboard, but isn't that a LOT more detailed than the first example? It has personality, gives vivid detail of the scenario, and gives various things for the other person to write about in their response. Even if a couple sentences short of this length, these are the kinds of posts I love, and if you can whip up something of this quality, we'll get along great.

Schematics out of the way, let's get into the meat of this thing. I play a shy, subby twink boy as my go-to. A persona or self-insert of sorts. I have a written physical description of him that I can pass your way upon request, but I'll be playing him 99% of the time. I can also play some side characters alongside him, don't fret, although if possible, I prefer to play just him, unless said side characters are one-off or don't really contribute to the RP too much. Just not the best with multi-charactering. He's prey 99% of the time, unless you want to try some role reversal, or there's some kinks you'd like to incorporate that involve the prey being pred as well, to varying degrees.

He (and I) are also big subs. There'll always be shyness and apprehension, but enough teasing or just thrusting him into the situation will make the boy submit real fast. The best way I love expressing this is getting pegged by a cock or strap-on, it's second only to vore to an intimacy that is unmatched. Dominant preds that easily toy with me and make me their toy are wonderful, but even more so are other subs, or characters in general that shouldn't conventionally have so much power of a college-aged boy (something like a power dynamic, but in the what-should-be weaker/outclassed pred's favor), but he's such a submissive slut that they can wrap him right around their finger. If they even have a finger, in more extreme, non-humanoid cases.

Outside of all the smut and eating, I do also enjoy some romance, or at least some kind of relationship between me and my pred. A tender dynamic between the two that can spur on all kinds of kinky shenanigans, or just some heartfelt and loving moments. Boyfriend and girlfriend, Boyfriend and boyfriend, siblings, son and mother, co-workers, good friends, student and teacher, babysitter and kid... I could go on for a good while, but any kind of relation turning into something more intimate over time is a big plus.

When it comes to vore itself, I'm a huge softie. Fatalistic scenarios are right out the window, sorry. I prefer all my vore to be non-fatal in nature (unless side characters/NPCs are prey, in which case I don't mind), whether through endo, clean full tour, or reformation. That's probably going to be a deal breaker for a few people, sorry. I just really enjoy vore being an intimate thing, like a really deep hug... even if that isn't the pred's intention at all, haha. I do any of the five "conventional" methods of vore, being Oral, Clean Anal, Unbirth, and Cock Vore. I'd also be up for some less conventional kinds of vore, as long as it isn't too weird or gross. I'm also not strictly same size, but my criteria is the prey has to be big enough to make a good bulge inside of the pred, so my two extremes on that front would be a mini-giantess pred, or a micro pred.

Speaking of preds! I'm down for just about anything. To elaborate, I like female, male, transgender, futa/dickgirl, or trap/femboy preds/sexual partners. Anything within that spectrum is good, while masculine male preds don't do much for me. As long as a guy is at least borderline androgynous, I'm down for it. Humanoid preds are the norm, but sentient feral preds are also a huge turn on. I simply don't see that enough, so if you wanna play an animal/monster/plant/eldritch entity/etc. for me, please consider hitting me up!

I should also mention my love for canonplay. I love a good original scenario, but if you don't mind playing a canon character to me, I love that just as much. As long as they aren't from a manga or anime, chances are I'll have at least some idea of who they are (but that isn't something a quick Google search can't fix), and would love to get eaten up by them. Please, don't be afraid to ask if you have a character you want to play as, or if you want to ask me what characters I'm in the mood for! Video games are my forte with this kind of knowledge, but I'm not limited to just that kind of media. Don't be afraid to go a tad obscure either, as I will a little as well if you ask what I might be craving.

And now, my must-haves. Nothing too crazy.
* Soft vore. I don't do hard vore, too icky for me, sorry.
* Meaty posts/responses. See my whole tangent above on that front.
* Good grammar. I'm a bit lenient on this front, but as long as you deliver good posts, the quality of capitalization and spelling (within reason) doesn't bother me too much. Just have standards.
* Long RPs. I'm not a fan of short grab & gulps, I like our interactions to have substance and (no pun intended) meat to them. Going beyond the build up and initial vore scene is my standard, building our character's dynamics and interactions with each other from there.
* Non-fatal. See above.

Everything else is at least debatable, no-gos aside. Speaking of which, let's get those out of the way!
* Hard vore. I'm too much of a softie, it's too icky for me.
* Gore. Same as above.
* Scat/Waterplay/Disposal. I might, on a good day, be okay with light implication of it, but I'd rather have nothing to do with it, period.
* Excessive Pain. Anything that involves bleeding beyond a cut or bruising is a no-go, unless it's more part of an injury due to the plot? This is debatable depending on the story, but in most cases, no.
* Meanspiritedness. Trust me, I love some exhibition and humiliation, but there's an upper limit, just use your common sense for what's too much.
* Fatality/Perma-death, for reasons listed above. Again, side characters/NPCs don't apply here.
* Buff/excessive muscle. Just a general turn off for me. I don't mean fit/strong characters in general, just nothing near bara.
* Footplay, see above.

And now, some vore and sex related kinks that I just love and haven't already been mentioned in this post, and if you could incorporate them, I would love it, but they aren't necessary. By no means a complete list, so don't hesitate to propose something else to me as well!
* Butts. Just about anything with butts (outside of the icky stuff like scat), I love. To elaborate:
+ Anal Sex, giving or receiving.
+ Ass Growth, through weight gain from vore or other means, for the pred or me.
+ Ass Worship in general.
+ Facesitting. Also overlaps with smothering with other body parts as well, like bellies or other intimate areas.
* Crossdressing/Sissification. Turn me into your perfect, ideal cutie! (Not a necessity, but putting me through this/making me a sissy will get you lots of brownie points from me)
* Subbing. I'm very submissive, I'll gladly bottom every night for you, or let you dominate me in any other way that strokes your ego or gets your loins stirring.
* Exhibitionism/Humiliation. Even if my face burns in embarrassment, part of me is still getting a kick from being showed off like this, as yours to use where you'd like.
* Gassy preds. Less on the smells and stuff, but I love a pred that eats, and then gets some nice burps or farts out of it.
* Underage Preds. Age can vary, inquire for more.
* Sexualing/Kink-ifying Average Scenarios. Like, taking any idea, concept, or story, and just injecting it with our own kinky, vorific takes? That stuff's right up my alley.

I have a more concise, but less descriptive list of kinks over at: https://www.f-list.net/c/geneticmess
So give it a read if you'd like. If I haven't scared you off, thanks for your time, and hopefully we can get something started! Hope to see you soon!

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