[Updated 3/28/20] Male/Femboy/Female Prey LF SMUT and vore

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[Updated 3/28/20] Male/Femboy/Female Prey LF SMUT and vore

Postby GeneticMess » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:36 pm

Hello! It's been just under a year since I last updated this, figured it was about time for an overhaul, since things have changed! I haven't taken new RP partners for a long time, but I've wanted to get back into the swing of things, especially with this quarantine bogging everyone down and giving us some time to burn. Way to date this thread in a couple months... hopefully this'll be dated in a couple months!

NOTE: If we've talked before and I've dropped off the radar, hmu again if you're still interested! My interests and passions can ebb and flow often, juggling partners can scramble my brain sometimes. Not to mention I have work/hobbies/passions beyond all this that I have to give time to as well! In general if it's been at least two weeks since I last replied to our RP, bump me and I'll try to reply/give you an update asap. Your patience is much appreciated. Additionally, please understand if I ask to put our RP on hold, due to loss of passion. I would rather be giving it my all than half-assing it for you!

I play a 20 y/o androgynous guy named Avery by default. Pale, skinny, socially awkward, all-loving yet naive/gullible, a dork and a doormat. Short blond hair with bangs, blue eyes, dresses very casually with a t-shirt, blue light jacket, black sweatpants and a pair of black sneakers. Those are the basics, other misc. details are often subject to the RP we're doing and/or my partner's preferences. If you so choose, I enjoy leaning into the femboy side of things and turning Avery into either a sissy, full-on trap, or do some MtF transformation and turn him into a girl. He can also start as a girl by partner request, if you prefer female prey.

Methods you can contact me through would be the forum's PM system and Discord. For RPing, Discord and the forum's Private Roleplaying sections are our best bets. I don't roleplay through PMs because of the buffer on sending replies can be obnoxious at times, and our RP's can get wiped by deleting old messages once my inbox gets too full, sorry. I generally try to match my partner's post length, but at minimum, four to five sentences long, about the size of your average paragraph. I know sometimes there's only so much you can write before blanking, but ideally we should both be giving each other enough content to chew on and respond to, in order to keep things interesting and engaging.

Without further ado, here's my big list of yes's and no's. Not a 100% definitive list that may be changed over time, but should outline the important things! Anything not listed anywhere on here can be assumed to fall under the like/neutral category, but feel free to ask just in case!

Must-Haves, Non-Negotiables, Etc. (Things that are REQUIRED if we want things to go smoothly.)
Spoiler: show
* Smut. We're all here to have a good time, right? Not to say I don't enjoy taking it slow beforehand too, no need to rush right into it.
* And vore is a facet of that! While vore itself isn't necessary 100% of the time, when it is included, soft, non-fatal vore is what I'll do. I'm too much of a softy for anything more, but there are some slight exceptions. Such as hard vore or fatal vore being allowed on NPCs, as long as we don't dwell on the unsavory details of that for long.
* Same/similar size vore. As long as the prey makes a noticeable bulge in the pred's belly.
* Posts/responses of substance. I need something to play off of, short sentences with nothing going on really kill it for me.
* Good grammar. I'm not to picky about this, to be honest! As long as I can understand what you're saying and I can tell where complete thoughts begin and end, we should be good.
* Medium/long RPs. Grab and gulps don't do it for me, sorry. I greatly enjoy multiple interactions between our characters rather than just a one and done, or if we can build a plot out of these sexual hijinks, all the better.

Loves, Favorites, Etc. (Things I love to be included that aren't required, but get you brownie points with me if you include them.)
Spoiler: show
* Buttstuff. I'm a nut for butts, pretty much. Includes anal sex (giving or receiving), ass growth, ass worship, facesitting, etc.
* Subbing. I'm going to be the submissive party 99.9% of the time, it's just what I'm comfortable with and enjoy. May take the dominant side 0.1% of the time, but usually only if we're good friends.
* Equal/dominant partners. Extension of the above.
* Non-conventional age partners. Roundabout way of saying underage or older than usual partners, such as shotas, lolis, cougars, gmilfs, etc.
* Feral partners. All kinds of beasties from any fiction or reality. From lions, tigers and bears, to any kind of fantastical monster you wish.
* Sissification/Feminization, receiving. Whether willing or not on my part, embracing your inner girl is always fun~
* Weight gain. Whether specifically to one part of a person's body and whether from prey or some overeating, more chub is always good, as long as we don't get into hyper territory.
* Stuffing/Feeding. Extension of the above, hyper rule still applies.
* Relationships between our characters. Sure, Avery and your character can just be strangers that meet and fuck, but giving these kinds of things more depth make them all the more intriguing! Maybe they're family for some scandalous incest? Business partners that meet outside of work in ways they didn't expect? A girl/boy scout and their customer? I don't know, but variety in this category is always a plus to me.
* Sexualing/Kink-ifying Average Scenarios. Like, taking any normal, non-lewd idea, concept, or story, and just injecting it with our own creative, kinky, vorific takes? That stuff's right up my alley.

Likes, Neutral-Ons, Etc. (Things I like or am neutral on. The most vague, blanket category, and as stated above, anything not listed anywhere on this page can be assumed to fall under here.)
Spoiler: show
* Most traditional vore types. Including oral, (clean!) anal, unbirth, breast, and cock. Willing to try some slightly weirder ones like tail and hair vore.
* Digestion with reformation. The alternative to outright non-fatal/no-digestion that I also enjoy! Especially if it coincides with weight gain as described above.
* Cum Inflation. Unrealistic? Yes, but getting even the smallest bump from a load being blown inside of someone and giving that warm, bloated feeling to them is satisfying.
* Cooking/Foodplay. Covering your prey in a glaze, or stuffing them with a creamy filling, a cucumber buttplug and apple gag, decorating them like an actual dish, fun stuff like that. Limit is cutting/guro/anything that leads into hard vore.
* Pregnancy. Being eaten by a mother-to-be with irrational cravings or the need to be full again after a recent birth could be interesting. Could also be pregnant/m-pregged, depending on the gender my partner chooses for me.
* Gas. Not so much interested in the smell aspect, but I generally like when someone gets gassy, whether from a live meal or just chugging cola and mentos for kicks, lol. Belches and flatulence, but mostly prefer the former, the latter in moderation.
* Soft, fluffy stuff! Cuddling and snuggling, that sort of stuff is always appreciated.
* Most bodytypes are appreciated here! But I always enjoy those on the chubby or curvy side, like BBW/BBMs, shortstacks, etc.

No-Ways, No-Hows, Nuh-Uhs, Etc. (The things I'm not willing to engage in by any means. Big turn-offs.)
Spoiler: show
* Hard vore. See Soft vore above, but I'm generally too much of a softie for this.
* Gore. Also see Soft vore above, but also see Hard vore above, same reason.
* Scat/Waterplay/Disposal. I might, on a good day, be okay with light implication of it, but I'd rather have nothing to do with it, period.
* Meanspiritedness. Trust me, I love some exhibition and humiliation, but there's an upper limit, just use your common sense for what's too much.
* Fatality/Perma-death, for reasons listed above. Again, side characters/NPCs don't apply here.
* Buff/excessive muscle. Just a general turn off for me. I don't mean fit/strong characters in general, just nothing near bara/hyper-masculine.
* Footplay, see above.

Playing into my enjoyment of taking non-lewd things and lewding them, is canonplay! Below are a list of canons I'm familiar enough with to do something with them! Generally in these I prefer OC/canon character pairings, with myself in the former role, but may make exceptions from time to time. This is also not a definitive list, as A) This list will end up huge, I've likely forgotten something and will add it in due time or B) There's canons I know about but don't know enough about to put it up here in good faith. If curious, please ask! Any underage characters listed can be aged up at a partner's discretion.

Canons I'm Familiar Enough With to Play In
Spoiler: show
TV Series:
* Gravity Falls (Mabel, Pacifica, Wendy, Pyronica, etc.)

Video Games:
* Super Mario Series/Spin-Offs
* Luigi's Mansion (Portrait and Boss Ghosts, like Melody Pianissima, Miss Petunia, Madame Clairvoya, Sue Pea, Hellen Gravely, Chambrea (ghost maid that swallows a suitcase whole with a belly bulge? how has there not been art of her yet), Serpci, Nikki, Lindsey, & Ginny, Captain Fishook, DJ Phantasmagloria, etc.
* Wario Series (Wario Land and WarioWare, so Cpt. Syrup and Princess Shokora, as well as Mona, Kat & Ana, Ashley, Penny, 5-Volt, etc.)
* Donkey Kong Series (Er... maybe some of the animal baddies? Only really included this for the sake of Tiny Kong's updated design.)
* Zelda Series (Sentient/"civil" characters and monsters alike)
* Pokemon Series (The creatures and the human characters)
* Kirby Series (Mostly the female characters, like Adeleine, Ribbon, Sectonia, Susie, Three Mage Sisters, etc.)
* Mother Series (The Moms and female companions of all three games and the infamous elevator girl who tells you not to look at her hips.)
* Mega Man/Mega Man X Series (Only familiar with classic and X series at the moment, sorry. Primary interests are Roll, Splash Woman and Kalinka from the classic series and Lumine, the navigators and Iris from the X series.)
* Sonic Series (Amy, Cream, Blaze, Tikal, Marine, Zeena, etc.)
* Wii Fit... Series? (just an excuse to mention wii fit trainer lol)
* Splatoon Series (Inklings in general, as well as the idol groups Off the Hook and the Squid Sisters.)
* ARMS (Criminally underrated, any of the female cast would be fun to play with.)
* Smash Bros. Series (Encompasses a lot of the above really, but if you're interesting in a Smash-like setting, we can work with something. Or if you just really have the hots for Galeem or something.)
* Ace Attorney Series (Characters dead, arrested or alive, continuity be damned.)
* Doki Doki Literature Club (Any of the four girls. Favorite to least favorite are Natsuki, Sayori, Monika, and Yuri.)
* Undertale (I'm iffy on this front. Mostly interested in various interpretations of Frisk and/or Chara, and Muffet.)
* Minecraft (Certain mobs perhaps, either vanilla or fetishized? Alex?)
* A Hat in Time (Hat Kid, Bow Kid, Mustache Girl... Queen Vanessa?)
* Five Nights at Freddy's Series (Requires a lot of logic bending, I realize. Can take the R63 route, but characters I'm interested in as they are would be Toy Chica, the Puppet, Mangle, Baby, Ballora, Minireenas, Scrap Baby, PlushBaby, etc.)
* Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion (Similar case to the above. Ones interested in as is would be Spooky herself, Specimen 3, Specimen 4 (she literally vores you, although whether its hard or soft is ambiguous, how is there not more art of her), Specimen 8, Specimen 13, Unknown Specimen 4, Monster 6)

And with that, thanks for reading! PM me if you're interested, and hopefully we can get something going from there.

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