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Sub Prey-Lean Switch LF Dom Pred/Switch for Smut & Snacking

Postby GeneticMess » Sat Oct 09, 2021 10:00 am

Another several months have passed, another overhaul's in order.

NOTE: Please read ALL of this post before sending in a request to roleplay, along with making sure your inquiry is of substance beyond a simple hello. Too many times have things not worked out due to a couple potential partners not reading things fully and missing something explicitly outlined. Put forward as much effort as you can, and I'll be more than happy to try and match.

I used to be a full-on prey, but due to varying circumstances - including the difficulty in finding dedicated predators, as well as practicing writing from a predator perspective - I'm officially coining myself as a switch. A heavily prey-leaning switch, though. Under normal circumstances, I prefer to play my go-to character (described below) as submissive prey with a dominant or neutral partner. If you wish to switch things up, I've been wanting to play him as a reluctant/accidental/unwilling predator for some assertive and much more in-charge prey. A fun dynamic you don't see enough of. That aside, I can also play a pred of any gender/species at request, but only with a fellow switch that wouldn't mind indulging my fantasies in return for indulging theirs.

By default, I play a ~20 y/o (age can vary depending on scenario/partner preference but usually nowhere past very early 20s) androgynous guy named Avery by default. Pale, skinny, socially awkward, all-loving yet naive/gullible, a dork and a doormat with a hidden masochistic and fantasizing side. Short blond hair with bangs, blue eyes, dresses very casually with a t-shirt, blue light jacket, black sweatpants and a pair of black sneakers. Those are the basics, other misc. details are often subject to the RP we're doing and/or my partner's preferences. If you so choose, I enjoy leaning into the femboy side of things and turning Avery into either a sissy, full-on trap, or do some MtF transformation and turn him into a girl. He can also start as a girl by partner request, if female is your preference, although I personally find it more fun to transform from male to female during the RP. But all up for discussion!

Methods you can contact me through would be the forum's PM system and Discord. For RPing itself, Discord and the forum's Private Roleplaying sections are our best bets. I don't roleplay through PMs because the buffer on sending replies can be obnoxious at times, and our RP's can get wiped by deleting old messages once my inbox gets too full, sorry. I generally try to match my partner's post length, but at minimum, four to five sentences long, about the size of your average paragraph. I know sometimes there's only so much you can write before blanking, but ideally we should both be giving each other enough content to chew on and respond to, in order to keep things interesting and engaging.

Without further ado, here's my big list of yes's and no's. Not a 100% definitive list that may be changed over time, but should outline the important things! Anything not listed anywhere on here can be assumed to fall under the like or neutral category, but feel free to ask just in case!

Must-Haves, Non-Negotiables, Etc. (Things that are REQUIRED if we want things to go smoothly.)
Spoiler: show
* Smut. We're all here to have a good time, right? Not to say I don't enjoy taking it slow beforehand too, no need to rush right into it.
* And vore is a facet of that! While vore itself isn't necessary 100% of the time, when it is included, soft, fatal w/reformation vore is what I'll do best. I'm too much of a softie for anything more, but there are some slight exceptions. Such as hard vore or fatal vore being allowed on NPCs, as long as we don't dwell on the unsavory details of that for long.
* Same/similar size vore. As long as the prey makes a noticeable bulge in the pred's belly, it flies. Anything smaller is too underwhelming.
* Posts/responses of substance. I need something to play off of, short sentences with nothing going on really kill it for me.
* Good grammar. I'm not to picky about this, to be honest! As long as I can understand what you're saying and I can tell where complete thoughts begin and end, we should be good.
* Medium/long RPs. Grab and gulps don't do it for me, sorry. I greatly enjoy multiple interactions between our characters rather than just a one and done, or if we can build a plot out of these sexual hijinks, all the better.
* Transparency. Are there real life hurdles delaying things? Something about the RP not jiving, how I'm playing rubbing you the wrong way, or just generally not feeling motivated to continue? By all means, let me know, pull no punches (within reason)!

Loves, Favorites, Etc. (Things I love to be included that aren't required, but get you brownie points with me if you include them.)
Spoiler: show
* Buttstuff. I'm a nut for butts, pretty much. Includes anal sex (giving or receiving), ass growth, ass worship, facesitting, etc.
* Subbing. I'm aiming to be the submissive party at least 90% of the time, unless we're both switches and working something out. It's just what I work with best.
* Dominant partners. Referring to the characters you play rather than your own preference in bed, but it does help if you preferring topping as well!
* Non-conventional age partners. Roundabout way of saying underage or older than usual partners, such as shotas, lolis, cougars, gmilfs, etc.
* Feral partners. All kinds of beasties from any fiction or reality. From lions, tigers and bears, to any kind of fantastical monster you wish.
* Non-conventional predators. Get weird with it. Want to play as a usually inanimate object as a predator? My alternate universe doppelganger? An eldritch being or anomaly that behaves in ways humanity could never hope to understand? A Wii U? (Yes, I have been eaten by a Wii U before, with a disc drive as a mouth).
* Sissification/Feminization, receiving. Whether willing or not on my part, embracing your inner girl is always fun~
* Weight gain. Whether specifically to one part of a person's body and whether from prey or some overeating, more chub is always good, as long as we don't get into absurd and hyper territory. Then it kinda loses its charm.
* Stuffing/Feeding. Extension of the above, hyper rule still applies.
* Relationships between our characters. Sure, our characters can just be strangers that meet and fuck, but giving these kinds of things more depth make them all the more intriguing! Maybe they're family for some scandalous incest? Business partners that meet outside of work in ways they didn't expect? A girl/boy scout and their customer? I don't know, but variety in this category is always a plus to me.
* Canonplay. Taking characters from existing properties and getting them in on our madness is lots of fun, and partially plays into the kink right below this one. I largely prefer OC x Canon pairings, taking the former half of the equation but open to the latter if we're both switches and have something set up. Most well-versed in video games, but other forms of media are welcome as well! If at all interested, please hit me with some of your interested canons, no matter how niche.
* Sexualizing/Kink-ifying Average Scenarios. Like, taking any normal, non-lewd idea, concept, or story, and just injecting it with our own creative, kinky, vorific takes? That stuff's right up my alley. Anything can be turned into a smutty and voracious fan-fic, and I mean ANYTHING, with enough thought.

Likes, Neutral-Ons, Etc. (Things I like or am neutral on. The most vague, blanket category, and as stated above, anything not listed anywhere else on this page can be assumed to fall under here.)
Spoiler: show
* Most traditional vore types. Including oral, (clean!) anal, unbirth, breast, and cock. Willing to try some slightly weirder ones like tail and hair vore.
* Endo/Non-fatal. Surprisingly, have been more drawn to churning and coming back to see the fruits of my labor on someone's waistline, but some wholesome carrying (or less wholesome entrapment) is welcome!
* Cum Inflation. Unrealistic? Yes, but getting even the smallest bump from a load being blown inside of someone and giving that warm, bloated feeling to them is satisfying.
* Cooking/Foodplay. Covering your prey in a glaze, or stuffing them with a creamy filling, a cucumber buttplug and apple gag, decorating them like an actual dish, fun stuff like that. Limit is cutting/guro/anything that leads into hard vore.
* Pregnancy. Being eaten by a mother-to-be with irrational cravings or the need to be full again after a recent birth could be interesting. Could also be pregnant/m-pregged, depending on the gender my partner chooses for me.
* Gas. Not so much interested in the smell aspect, but I generally like when someone gets gassy, whether from a live meal or just chugging cola and mentos for kicks, lol. Belches and flatulence, but mostly prefer the former, the latter in moderation.
* Soft, fluffy stuff! Cuddling and snuggling, that sort of stuff is always appreciated.
* Most bodytypes are appreciated here! But I always enjoy those on the chubby or curvy side, like BBW/BBMs, shortstacks, etc.

No-Ways, No-Hows, Nuh-Uhs, Etc. (The things I'm not willing to engage in by any means. Big turn-offs.)
Spoiler: show
* Hard vore. See Soft vore above, but I'm generally too much of a softie for this.
* Gore. Also see Soft vore above, but also see Hard vore above, same reason.
* Scat/Waterplay/Disposal. I might, on a good day, be okay with the lightest implication of it, but I'd rather have nothing to do with it, period.
* Extreme Sadism/Snuff. Trust me, I love some exhibition and humiliation, saying "harder daddy", getting spanked with a fly swatter, etc. but there's an upper limit. Feel free to ask if you feel the need to set ground rules on how far is too far.
* Fatality/Perma-death. Both a bit harsh and ends the possible fun we can have WAY too early. Again, side characters/NPCs don't apply here.
* Bara/hyper-masculine. Just not my type, but not against muscle in general.
* Footplay, just not my thing.

Current Cravings - Last Updated: 9/29/21 (Very specific set-ups or scenarios I'm currently in the mood for. Potential jumping-off points if you're interested in playing, but not sure where we could start.)
Spoiler: show
* (NEW) Spore + Vore + Porn... Spvorn? (OPEN)
You wanna talk niche? Let's go niche. Using the 2009 creature/life sim Spore as a vehicle for degeneracy. Although not perfect, the engine can make some very interesting alien species for us to toy with. Maxis-made creations are on the table, but if you wanna get creative, we could make our own creatures to better visualize our ideal predators, whether as feral packs or space-faring civilizations. I will be genuinely shocked if I get any takers on this one.

* Underused Pokemon (OPEN)
Pokemon has such a wide variety of people and creatures that I've played many a RP within the setting. But of course, there's fan favorite staples to are go-tos for most, something I will not deny I'm also guilty of. While open to the popular choices, you'll REALLY catch my eye offering not commonly used Pokemon and trainers, male and female alike.

* Doki Doki Literature Club! (OPEN)
I'm still riding that Plus rerelease hype out. I'm primarily looking for someone willing to play as any or all of the Dokis, but I am also willing to play any and/or all the Dokis with a Switch partner that can return the favor. How this plays out can vary; we can have a scenario where the Dokis are pulled out of the game, either onto someone's desktop or into real life, or things stay in-game, or we play a VR-port that gets up close and personal, etc. if you can play these characters accurately and well, you get extra priority.

* Less Slashing, More Slurping (OPEN)
A very niche genre of erotic-vore roleplaying that I haven't seen much mention of elsewhere. I personally don't like horror movies or horror games... as strictly horror. 99% of horror material becomes hotter when you have your killer, boogeyman or monster voring their victim instead of brutally chomping or slashing them to bits, or otherwise sending them to an early grave. I'm primarily interested in playing the hapless, well meaning yet gullible victim in scenarios like these. A couple examples of horror properties I'd be interested in exploring in this light would be The Ring, Cabin in the Woods, Alien, Predator, It, Resident Evil, FNaF, Little Nightmares, and more, but am more than open to suggestions or original settings with these kinds of influences.

And with that, thanks for reading! PM me if you're interested, and hopefully we can get something going from there. Have a nice day!

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