unwilling male prey seeking mother pred

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unwilling male prey seeking mother pred

Postby rocker90 » Thu May 02, 2019 2:52 pm

Hello, I'm Jake and I'm looking for an RP with a dominant Mother Pred, also I'm fine with doing different little one offs, but I prefer a long term RP
Also for a quick description of me for any RP, I'm Caucasian, 5'10 (Might play 5'6), I have longish brown hair, brown eyes, light tan, moderate build

Also for RPing I use Skype, Kik, Chatzy, and private messages on here.
RP Prompt you grew up as a pred, but when you met my father he managed to bring you under control, but with him having died a few months ago in a car crash you took your time to grieve, and now that you're starting to come back from it so is your predatory instinct, and you look to make me your toy you keep with you.

Things I love- While I can do an RP without this stuff, I would really like all of this stuff for an RP
Oral, anal, unbirth and breast vore- can never go wrong with the basics and I love them in an RP :D
Sex- Vore is my fetish, and it just goes great with sex, I sometimes like it to be a little rapey, so my character might not want sex, but it's gonna happen ;)
Same Size- I like the pred to be about the same size as me, not looking for any tiny stuff, don't mind you being a bit more amazoness in size though, maybe around 7'4 is my limit for size difference if it's regular
Expansion- I love when digestion causes that predator to grow bigger (not exactly fat, but I'm fine with there being a little pudge). But I do think it's only reasonable to a point before shrinking back down
Dominant pred- I'm your prey, you might care about me depending on what kind of RP we go with, but that doesn't stop you from making me your prey, and if you want something from me, you're gonna take it
Unwilling prey- I don't want to end up inside you, but I'm going to because you are forcing me to
Longterm RP- I'm looking for an RP that's going to keep going for a while as well.

Things I like These are things I like, I can look past them not being present, but I personally will have more fun with them
Incest- mother/son or older sister/younger brother scenario's are fun
Power dynamic- mostly what this means is that I prefer a pred who has some type of authority over me to begin with, like in mother/son and older sister/younger brother, another one I can think of that I is teacher/student
Taunting- Maybe you sexually taunt me by just grabbing my dick, shoving your tits in my face, rubbing your ass against me or something else, but I enjoy being taunted. being taunted that I am I am/am going to be inside you is also fun
Human RP- I prefer to keep the RP with just humans, naga and furry's aren't that interesting to me, but depends on the mood I'm in
not being digested- I'm fine with digestions in an RP, but I prefer to not end up being digested myself
Multiprey- I love a pred with a big squirming belly or boobs from prey, I'm fine with the other prey being digested.
Breast feeding- I just think it's hot, but I get that it can be hard to be unwilling and be forced to breast feed
Face sitting- Sit on my face, press your nice big ass against my face, then pull me into your ass

Things I'm okay with These are things I'll do, and I might even enjoy, but it depends on my mood more than anything
Fantasy elements- a bit of an odd thing, by this I mean like Tolkien types of fantasy, I prefer the RP be set in the modern day, but if it's a fantasy setting I won't complain
Giantess- If you want to be a giantess talk to me about it, sometimes I am in the mood for it, but most of the time I prefer same size. (Note, I never want to be tiny, just for you to be giant, and for size difference at most you can hold me like I am a doll)

Things I dislike If I really like everything else these are things I can tolerate, but I'd still like to keep them to a minimum
Being digested- I really don't want to be digested myself, maybe if it's a one off that's how we can end it, but I'd like to stay whole and alive
Being eaten with someone else- I prefer not to end up with other prey, so if you unbirth me you eat everyone else, instead of unbirthing them
Pain- I'd rather avoid being hurt or doing into detail about how other prey is hurt
Tiny- Again this is only something I'd do with a quick one off, I don't want to be an inch tall, that idea just doesn't appeal to me
Willing prey- I just prefer not to play willing, nothing against it, I just enjoy being unwilling so much more
Furry's/non-human preds- For me Furry stuff can be hot, same for naga and other related things, but for the most part I just don't enjoy it, and would prefer to keep that out of the RP
Fanfic- I want the characters to be OC's (Primarily you or some representation at least) I don't want to be in the world of overwatch, or to see characters from games or movies, if it's a world like say Hyrule I might be okay with it, I just don't want to run into link or zelda or some other important character during the RP.

Things I hate These are things I don't like under any circumstance, these will be flat out denied
Hard vore- I just don't want to see it, I don't want other people or myself to be cooked, or chewed up before going into you
Children- I do this because it is a fetish and having a child as a pred or prey just makes it way too uncomfortable for me (Note, I'm fine playing as and having teens eaten, I'm thinking like 14 and under is a no-no)
Scat- No scat or disposal, I don't find it to be hot
Animal preds- I might be willing to do furry/non-human preds if the stars align, but I don't want an animal pred
Futa/herm pred- Just females, don't want any cocks or balls on the pred.
Fat preds- I really don't want an obese/fat pred. I don't mind thick, or chubby, but I'd prefer the Pred not be fat, for reference for what I would be fine with look at Baby Fat's Zoey when she hasn't eaten someone
Being penetrated- I don't want anything being forced up my ass, down my throat, into my cock, or any other orifice.

If you are interested and have any questions, or just want to RP message me, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

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