I am a Female Prey who Is L.F. Male Pred's.

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I am a Female Prey who Is L.F. Male Pred's.

Postby dragonslavegirl » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:41 am

Apparently I have to make this even simpler since apparently no one actually reads everything.

And all I get is skimmers and people who read what they want to read.

Part 1 please read my blogs for in my blogs are my likes and dislikes and also Canon roleplay scenarios that I would like to role-play with or under for a role-play theme.

Part 2 I cannot stress this enough I hate role playing on here the messaging system on here sucks on letting you know that you have a message right away.
So when I say I prefer "Kik" I mean it.

So again if you come and message me asking to role-play here much like a famous line from the Stormtroopers "move along!"

So goodbye and have a good day.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Must understand that I cannot control what happens in reality.

As in if things come up I can't help it like if my battery on my phone dies or is dying and I need to charge it.

Or unsuspecting change in availability.

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