Seeking RP partner for a story (And some vore) RP - Sci fi

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Seeking RP partner for a story (And some vore) RP - Sci fi

Postby ResistantMerc » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:30 pm

I am seeking a Partner to rp with. (Who like Lamia's and unbirth is a plus)

Setting: It will be an open world sci fi space adventure that will start off placement at a black market space station where our characters first meet. From there jobs can be found or our characters can free explore. This will be a wide open story so having idea's will be a plus to add, story or just fun wise. A number of planets and possible other characters who will be against or with our characters, maybe some trying to collect a bounty that has been set for an unknown reason.

i hope to find a person who like Lamia's and lizard like species, but any type of species is welcome.

Will do -
-Soft vore (Kept to the one trapped character for the start)
- Unbirth
- (I play a sub mostly (But the character may act strong outside of private scenes. )

Wont do

I can do the rp here on eka, and can use skype - give me a pm

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