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Seeking RpPartner(FPred)Story rp

Postby ResistantMerc » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:25 pm

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading.
I am looking for a rp partner (Or maybe a few) Willing to do a rp in different themes, mainly around sci fi, School (Havent done school before), and Fantasy. I do like vore, the main type's i have experienced is oral, unbirth and a little bit of tailmaw Vore (Naga/lamia). But i am willing to try some others. While vore will be a factor in all of the rp themes, i do hope for a story around it. With Sci fi and fantasy it will be more story orientated (But would display numerous situations) and the school one will be a little more vore orientated (Like set students are registered as 'vore toys' to be used by the other species around the school). Am willing to listen to suggestions on other themes, or any story idea's within the pre-mentioned themes.

Types of pred's i do like are - (Im mainly a sub, but i do have some dom character, so i guess maybe kinda a switch?)
- Lamia/naga
- Living slime
- Large, intelligent animals
- A mix of those above
(While these are my more favourites, i will be fine with rp with other species)

My personal likes - (May discover more in the future)
- Soft vore
- Unbirth
- Endo
- Tail (Tailmaw) vore
- Oral vore
- Storage Stomach's
- FxF
- Fxm

Things i wont do/Not too comfortable with - (Again, may discover more later on)
- Digestion (Maybe if it was a side character/character created for it e.g. raider's/banits)
- Scat (Or anything close to it, i just find it gross)

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