M hungry for underage/preggos (F prey only, details inside)

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M hungry for underage/preggos (F prey only, details inside)

Postby Theguythatdoes » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:03 pm

Male pred looking for female player. (Your gender needs to be female in real life).

Fat preds
Gross/Slobby preds (sweaty, messy, burping and farting, the latter 2 especially used for torture)
eating the prey's friends/family members, and forcing them to listen to their screams as their digested.
Male preds
Unwilling prey
Feral/Pet prey
Same size
Scat crushing (someone meets their end by being crushed by what's left of the digested prey)
Female prey
Underage pred/prey (includes babies)
Weight gain
Pregnant prey
Oral Vore
Trap preds (large butt, dresses in women's clothing
Multiple species
Multiple prey
big butts/buttcrushing
object vore

Female Pred(requires multiple preds)
Willing (only if it's Semi willing or they change their mind after the deed has been done)

Male prey
Cock Vore
Hard Vore
Non fatal

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