hungry for underage/preggos (F prey only, details inside)

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hungry for underage/preggos (F prey only, details inside)

Postby Theguythatdoes » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:59 pm

Male pred looking for female player. (Your gender needs to be female in real life).

Fat preds
Gross/Slobby preds (sweaty, messy, burping and farting, the latter 2 especially used for torture)
eating the prey's friends/family members, and forcing them to listen to their screams as their digested.
Male preds
Unwilling prey
Feral/Pet prey
Same size
Scat crushing (someone meets their end by being crushed by what's left of the digested prey)
Female prey
Underage pred/prey (includes babies)
Weight gain
Pregnant prey
Oral Vore
Trap preds (large butt, dresses in women's clothing
Multiple species
Multiple prey
big butts/buttcrushing
object vore

Female Pred(requires multiple preds)
Willing (only if it's Semi willing or they change their mind after the deed has been done)

Male prey
Cock Vore
Hard Vore
Non fatal

Scenarios (more added regularly)
you're home alone (or if you want multiple prey, with your mother/sister/daughter), unsuspecting as I sneak into the house to eat you (if multiple prey, and your mother/sister/daughter)
You are about 5 and you get in to a disagreement with your 7 year old brother. The bad part is, he's hungry....
You're in 4th grade, and not that good of a student. You notice your fellow classmates, the female ones, that is, going missing, and you decide to investigate....
you're the teacher, and unfortunately due to budget cuts,you can't have any maternity leave, which means you have to come to work, 7-8 months pregnant. One of your students, a young boy, isn't doing well, and you have to give him an F. when you go to talk to him, however, you notice he's staring at your pregnant belly, licking his lips.
you're the mother to 2 kids, a son and a daughter. you're also 8 months pregnant with octuplets, leaving you bedridden, and meaning your young children have to do work for you. But your son is growing tired of it... and hungry.
You're walking down the street, holding your pregnant belly, when suddenly a kid in his early teens (12-13) grabs your hand! What is he about to do?...
You're with your boyfriend (can be children or adult, if adult you're a preggo), and he wants to eat you. You object, but he persists, eventually grabbing you...
you are a pregnant slave to a fat, disgusting man. Everything seems to be alright, and though he often eats his slaves, who aren't seen again unless they're piles of waste, he hasn't show any signs of wanting to eat you. Until one day he asks for you to come to him...
You were in your mid-late teens, and pregnant. You were also broke and didn't have much to provide for you and your unborn daughter. You turn to selling drugs, but you make the mistake of trying to sell to me, an undercover police officer. I uphold the law by digesting criminals, and pregnant teens aren't exempt from the law....
you're a famous rock singer, also 8 months pregnant. Despite this, you still tour. After one of your shows, you meet a fan backstage...
You're a young girl at daycare, without a worry in the world. That is, until one of the other kids gets hungry, and he starts eyeing you up...
You're a girl who doesn't get out much, except to get food. Because of this, you've packed on quite a few pounds. Almost no one even knows you exist, and you spend most of your time on the computer. One day, you hear glass break in one of the rooms of your house...
you're part of a humiliation squad, where pregnant women are paid to be humiliated (being sat on,becoming the payer's fart cushion, etc.), or in more severe cases, become food or be crushed to death under large amounts of scat. you're sent to the house of the payer...
You're in your late teens, going out on a dinner date with your boyfriend, who's child you're pregnant with. However, you discover very quickly that you're the main course!
You're babysitting a boy in his early teens so you can have money to support your unborn child. He isn't too happy to be treated like a child, though....

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