Male looking for a meal (F prey only, details inside)

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Male looking for a meal (F prey only, details inside)

Postby Theguythatdoes » Thu Dec 31, 2020 7:30 pm

Hey. Currently hungry for some girls, so any girls who want to be eaten by me (or not, I love unwilling prey :wink: ) you're in luck (and pretty soon, you'll go from being in luck to digesting in my stomach).

Male preds (Of course, considering I'm a guy)
Female prey (Also of course)
Digestion/fatal (Sorry girls, but once you're in, you don't come out alive)

Fat preds (whether chubby or full on obese)
Skinny preds (complete opposite end of the spectrum works too)
Facesitting (ladies, don't be surprised if I use your head as a seat)
Farting (also don't be surprised if I decide to rip one on or near you. Disgusted reactions from you gals work the best for these, provided the fart isn't you after you've been digested)
Burping (Either post vore or in your face, pre vore. Don't be surprised if I end up burping out a shoe, or a hat, or your glasses... Basically, if it can come off, I'll probably burp it out)
Slob stuff (If I'm eating before the main course ((you)), don't be surprised if I get food and condiments all over me. also goes hand in hand with the above two)
Multiple prey (Have a sister? Or a daughter? maybe an aunt, niece, or a mother? Yeah, they're getting eaten too. Don't worry, you'll be in there with them... though depending on how long we take, they might be a bit... mushy, by the time you get in there. Sorry ^^; . I'll also eat friends, coworkers, and girlfriends.)
Unwilling prey (I don't care if you like being eaten. In fact, I'd prefer if you didn't like it)
Feral/Pet prey (Hope you don't have any pets, and if you do... I hope you won't mind me eating them)
Same size (Nothing against Micro vore, but I want to be able to see my bloated belly after I eat you)
Scat (It's what you'll end up as, so...)
Scat crushing (On the bright side, if there's enough of it, I might end up crushing someone with what's left of you)
Weight gain (You'll look real good on my thighs... and my butt... and my belly... basically everywhere)
Pregnant prey (You have a bun in the oven? Doesn't matter to me, I'll still eat you. I'm probably even more likely to eat you if you're expecting)
Oral Vore (Over the teeth and through the gums, look out belly, here you come :wink: )
femboys (Sometimes it's more fun for a guy to look like a girl, especially if he has the curves to pull it off)
Son/Mother (Want me to go to bed early? I will... but you'll be my snack before I do)
Brother/Sister (Wanna tease me? Well sis, hope you like being lunch)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (What, were you expecting a kiss? *URP!*)
big butts (I like them and I can't lie)
object vore (Oh, I'm sorry, was that your phone I just ate? No worries, it probably landed in your purse... by the way, I ate your purse)
underage prey (Hey kid, wanna see what happens to food? *GULP!*)
underage pred (Wow miss, you were really yummy! Don't worry, I'll get you out of my tummy after naptime! *BWURRRP!*)

Female Pred (There would have to be multiple preds for this option, but it's doable)
Willing (only if it's Semi willing or they change their mind after the deed has been done)
Macro/micro (I suppose it could work)

Male prey
Cock Vore
Hard Vore
Non fatal
reformation (to save the effort of going into detail,these just aren't my thing)

I only do RPs via PM. Can't wait to gulp you down.

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If you are what you eat, how come I'm not a girl?

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