Slutty human male needs his soul churned during bestiality

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Slutty human male needs his soul churned during bestiality

Postby Memetic Hazard » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:00 pm

TL,DR: Semi-in-character monologue about the preds I want, mostly equine, feral and/or bestiality is a plus, and unusually specific descriptions of the soul vore I want but my character doesn't know about and would hate if he did, OV, AV, CV, UB. The more my character hates a soul vore situation, the more I love it.

*submissive fidgeting* Hi, um, I have a love-hate relationship with cocks and cum. Usually I'm grossed out by it, but sometimes I just get a craving that is made that much more intense by my usual disgust. Anyone with a dick is welcome to just go wild and dominate me while I worship your member, though I have a slight preference for masculinity and for equines. I may or may not know anything about vore, but if I did, having my soul churned away in your balls would be the most terrifying idea imaginable. I wouldn't like it at all, b-baka! I would hate it so much if some strapping specimen decided that my afterlife, all infinity years of it, would be put to better use as just a few gallons of sperm. And I can only imagine the sheer self-indulgent gluttonous nerve of my partner if they did something so callously irreverent as swallowing their own load. How could anyone be so horribly dominant as to take a loving partner like me and reduce my soul to a tasty orgasm churning away in their gut?

Update: 7-17-17 I also love asses, a lot. If I see a butthole, I need to give it the attention it deserves and then blow a load deep into that colon. I especially love horse anuses. If any equines with a feral form want to get their rump pounded, I can oblige. I'm not opposed to bestiality either, so if you can provide a plain old mare or stallion for my use, then I'm game. Though I sure hope I don't cum my soul into that tight rear. It would be so humiliating and disgusting if my afterlife was dragged through someone's bowels, gurgled up in their stomach or intestines, and then squeezed back out of that beautiful hole as nothing but waste. The most unconscionable outcome would be a mere animal reducing my soul to horseapples for the pleasure without any understanding of the moral implications.

Update: 7-18-17 There's no hiding it anymore, I just love everything about equines of either gender, especially ferals, regardless of sapience. Everything about their form is exquisite. I'd love to feel that long mouth wrapped around my length while that dexterous tongue coaxes my cum down their throat. But they better not swallow anything of eternal importance. If some otherwise ordinary horse were to go through with fellating me for no reason other than having learned that this was a source of tasty meals, and easily overpowered my struggling soul to casually slurp and gulp it down into their churning belly where it receives the same treatment as all meals before moving on to the tailhole, that would just be awful.

Marehoods have also drawn my fancy. I hear that Mares have exquisite muscle control that makes sex with them quite spectacular. But it is imperative that she not pull my soul into her feminine depths and reduce it to a juicy splatter on the ground that signifies nothing but the good time she had at the expense of my afterlife. Why, what kind of monster would even imagine something like that?

Update: 8-23-17 I guess I'm down to fuck pretty much any non-sapient animal that gives me the opportunity. Even if it were something that humans normally avoid, like a gator or lion. As long as it gives me the right signs, I'll trust my natural charm to keep me safe. There's just something so hot about sharing pleasure with a creature that is so pure in its absolute ignorance. However, the thought of somehow cumming my soul into an animal and being digested into oblivion, while they enjoy it without a second thought, is just nightmarish.

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