Flexible Switch looking for Pred or Switch

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Flexible Switch looking for Pred or Switch

Postby Pactborn » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:09 pm

Hello, I'm Pactborn and this marks my first post in the Forums, despite having been over for almost a year.

I'm looking for someone with consistency, who I can roleplay with often and enjoy the company of.
I'm willing to both pred and prey but I like to do so in turns: I might pred for you first then you pred for me, etc.

I can play any species, character (Canon, celebrity, personal, original or otherwise) and any gender. I tend to play what my partner would like when playing as pred and expect a similar level of customisation from my partner- but is not a dealbreaker if you prefer set characters.

I tend to work out the scenarios with my partner. Often we explore new ideas and can revisit usual tropes but I like the more inventive, the less explored options.

I'm pansexual so I'm into everyone! I much prefer same-size but I'm still down to do size difference if I can find the right person for it~

Partner must be up for switching or predding. I'm not interested in people who are only submissive.

My favourite vore-related kinks include (and are not all needed for a play):
Oral vore, anal vore, bellybutton vore, digestion, gassiness (both burping and farting), disposal (Whether traditional scat or otherwise), humans, same-size vore, cruel preds, teasing, slimes/creatures made from unusual materials (Candy, cheese, oil, just as a few examples), bad breath, pregnancy, big booties, kind but uncaring preds, absorption, diapers, weight gain from vore, food play.

Bonus Kink:
This is only for those who would be interested in doing this and is not a dealbreaker if you're not interested: Playing as real people. Both celebrities and people either of us might know personally. Very weird but I will love you forever if you're okay with it.

My dislikes in vore (but can still do them if I'm feeling up to it and with the right person):
Hard vore, puke-play, feral preds (In both positions I tend to enjoy sentient preds).

I tend to be okay with everything else that I haven't included in either list but tend not to do plays solely focused on them. Can still play with those kind of topics though!

In terms of length and grammar for replies, I enjoy meaty posts: Semi to full paragraphs are nice. I can do smaller posts and won't overwhelm you if that's what you prefer but I tend to prefer bigger posts. Grammar is pretty important, just as it allows us to better understand each other.

Add me on Discord, Pactborn #6912! I much prefer it over PMs here but feel free to message me on here.

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