Male Human Prey Looking For Webs

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Male Human Prey Looking For Webs

Postby Recluse » Wed May 09, 2018 5:50 pm

Update: Back after an extended absence and looking to try some more, shall we say, 'focused' stuff. Take a look at the likes and dislikes if the title caught your eye!

Hey hey, folks! Practiced RPer (adult and otherwise), looking for someone interested in turning me into a meal. I don't have a character set up, per se, but 'human male' would probably be the default (although I'm comfortable playing either gender or various fantastical/sci-fi races if the situation calls for it); either/any predator gender is more than welcome. I'm a fan of both story and setting, so there'd have to be at least a little of that involved - it's more fun with a little buildup, right? I also love descriptive posts, and can assure you that I'll try and keep up a steady pace of RP as well. My characters are usually quite resistant to whoever they've...encountered, and I have a feeling that any I write that are about to get eaten will be doubly so! Funny thing, though, they tend to lose anyway...

Yes Please
Predators: Worms, spiders/driders, plants...various creepy-crawlies or monsters, I'm sure you've got a few ideas. Other sorts of characters are certainly welcome if you'd like minions or background people, they can even add to the story, but whatever eats me in the end, I'd prefer it to be something like that. Same-size vore doesn't do a whole lot for me, there's got to be enough of a size difference for it to make 'sense'. For whatever that's worth :P

Restraints: For sacrifice/prisoner/bait scenarios, or if the predator is sufficiently intelligent to use ropes, chains, or whatever. I'm all about getting tied up. Please, by all means! That goes just as much for natural restraints - webs, tentacles, or even simply coiling around a helpless, wriggling me and giving a good squeeze are all more than welcome!

Playing With Your Food: Whatever that might mean to you. Taunt me with what's about to happen? Absolutely! Got a cruel streak? Well, I've got a pretty hefty masochistic one, I'm all up for a little BDSM or flat-out torture. Looking to take things in a more sexual direction? Make sure I'm helpless, I can't stop you from doing whatever you want with me...heck, if you decide you're not hungry after all and want to keep me around as a toy/pet/incubator/slave, I'm perfectly happy with that too!

Maybe You Can Talk Me Into It
Cooking Prep/Light Cooking: This really falls under Playing With Your Food, above. If you want to make me uncomfortable with a little heat, or go a little beyond that, I'm definitely okay with it...but I want to be alive and in one piece by the time I get eaten, please.

Compulsion: Not to godmode, but drugging or hypnotizing a character can definitely be worked in. That sort of dazed, detached kind of mindset can be a lot of fun to play, if used sparingly.

No Pls
Hard vore/gore, scat/watersports, incest, unbirthing/anal vore/cock vore, underage characters. Those are all a hard no for me, I'm simply not interested.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

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