Male Human Prey Looking For Preds

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Male Human Prey Looking For Preds

Postby Recluse » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:04 am

Hey hey, folks! Practiced RPer (adult and otherwise) here with absolutely no experience with vore RP, looking for someone interested in turning me into a meal. I don't have a character set up, per se, but 'human male' would probably be the default (although I'm comfortable playing either gender or various fantastical/sci-fi races if the situation calls for it); either/any predator gender is more than welcome. I'm a fan of both story and setting, so there'd have to be at least a little of that involved - it's more fun with a little buildup, right? I also love descriptive posts, and can assure you that I'll try and keep up a steady pace of RP as well. My characters are usually quite resistant to whoever they've...encountered, and I have a feeling that any I write that are about to get eaten will be doubly so! Funny thing, though, they tend to lose anyway...this'll probably expand as I think of more to add to it.

What I Like/Would Like to Try
Getting eaten!
Monstrous/demonic/alien predators (giant spiders, demon overlords, sentient plants, what have you...)
Human/humanoid predators, as long as there's a size difference (doesn't have to be much, a couple of feet is fine!)
Cruel predators
Being fed to something
Talking back/fighting the good (but futile!) fight
Humiliation (public or otherwise)
Drugs/hypnotism (as long as it's not used to god mode; I'd still like to write my own posts!)
Long, descriptive posts!

What I Think I'd Cautiously Enjoy
Cooking Prep/light cooking (enough to make me squirm, but not much more than that!)
'Respawning'/soul trapping

What I Would Not Like To Do
Hard vore (pls no biting bits off)/gore
Unbirthing/anal vore/cock vore
Underage characters

Scenarios Ideas I'd be Definitely Interested In

Anything with an insectile or arachnid predator!
Plant preds! Anything to do with 'em.
Being fed to something or someone by a captor.
Being purchased for dinner and entertainment, not necessarily in that order.

By all means, shoot me a PM if you'd like to play! Looking forward to hearing from and getting to know people. :D At the moment, I am particularly interested in a fantasy setting, but I'm flexible with regards to that!

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