ᘜ Gourmet courses for the Refined Palate ᘞ

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ᘜ Gourmet courses for the Refined Palate ᘞ

Postby San » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:19 pm

If you previously PM'd me, please feel free to PM me again if it has been over a month. I keep bumping and getting busy, but appear to be starting 2019 on a more stable foot!

Hello, and welcome to my depraved menu ❤! My name is San and I've been roleplaying for more than 10 years now, Vore for a couple of them. Something important to get out of the way before we dive into the delicious details; as much as I love roleplaying, it obviously has to take a backseat to real life. I can't reply instantly and, while I make my best effort to, a reply every day isn't guaranteed either! Working full-time can be hellish and unpredictable, so I apologize in advance if I suddenly drop off the site for a bit. Secondly, I require a Semi-Literate to Adv. Literate partner. This basically means I can do anywhere from a single paragraph, to many. My personal sweet spot is 3-4 paragraphs per post, but I'm open to trying anywhere within the specified range. Anything less however, bores me.

I know right off the bat you must be wondering, Alright San, but what the hell kind of player are you? Truth is, at heart I'm prey. I'd like to get into roleplay specifics, but I figure we might as well clear that up before anyone ventures further only to get their heart broken. THAT BEING SAID. I can play predator just as well- but Micro prey is a must. I'm just far more picky when it comes to me playing Predator rather than if I was Prey. Often enough, I'll seek out roleplays where I'm Predator on my own rather than taking suggestions. Rarely, I'll have scenarios listed here for when I get a hankering to eat others- but otherwise, I'm more likely to approach you on that front of things.

So.... that's all nice but, where do you roleplay? PMs have been the preferred choice for years, but as I grow more confident in my writing, I'm open to Threads as well- as long as I'm playing Prey. In regards to Instant Messengers- I am now open to them once more!! Discord specifically is my go-to, as I got back on a new account after locking out of my other one. (Loooong story) So feel free to simply PM me with your username, or ask for mine and we can get started.

Alright, the most fun part; Rules:

○ Pleaseee be nice and polite, at least at first. I do enjoy a cruel, dominating partner- but this comes after I can confirm that it's someone I can be comfortable with!

○ Absolutely no one-liners. Or two-liners for that matter. Four-liners and up would be ideal! (Exceptions are made for IMs, but please keep the effort rule in mind!)

○ Effort is required, no exceptions. Story is great, Settings are great, but what really matters are the characters!

○ When you message me please have something in mind. I don't mind a nice greeting, but I'd love to know what you want too!

○ No guilt tripping allowed. No means no, and sometimes I lose interest. Sorry if I do, but please don't start shit over it.

Don't Rush. Please. It makes me anxious, and the more anxious I am, the less likely I am to continue a roleplay.

Thanks for reading all this so far, you deserve a reward, don't you think? Lets get it on with some kinks ❤.

Yes, absolutely Yes!

  ❤ Oral Vore - An ancient and traditional favourite.

  ❤ Playing Prey - Highly dependent on scenario, but most of the times I will be in the mood to play Prey.

  ❤ Digestion - Honest to god, my most favourite part of vore.

  ❤ Noises - Gurgles, sloshes, groans, splashes, burps, rumbles, growls....god damn are they all so lovely

  ❤ Being Descriptive - Explaining feelings, noises, scenery.... as long as it's relevant, the more detail, the better!

  ❤ Belly Love - Basically paying special attention to the belly itself! Includes stuff like belly rubs, smothering, smooches....

  ❤ Adolecents - My favourite age group to play in, as well as play against.

  ❤ Size Differences - Aside from the interesting dynamics, it's just so damn cute

  ❤ Humour - It makes things fun!

  ❤ Breaking the Fourth Wall - There's a slew of things this could mean. Most of the time though, it's silly banter OOC.

  ❤ Giant(esses)/God(esses) - Not only do I love these because of the size difference, but there's a slew of new, interesting possibilities as well.

  ❤ Demons - An absolute favourite! Overall, I love any that have more...wits about them rather than relying on strength alone.

  ❤ Mouth Play - Feeling fangs, rubbing against tongues, overall just enjoying mouths, maws and teeth!

  ❤ Large Tongues - More tongue, more drool, best to lay on.

  ❤ Humans/Humanoids - Lately, I've been craving this more.

Mmm. Maybe.

  『?』 Sex - Vore is my ultimate goal; however I'm not opposed to occasional sex. (Sexual kinks listed below)
       ▷ Oral Sex - Liking mouths in general, it's only right this should get first spot!
       ▷ Breasts - Any stimulation to them, male, female- big or small, is always a treat!
       ▷ Receiving vs. Giving - Yes, I can do either. But I've never been good at being on the giving end I'm afraid...
       ▷ Genital Variety - Different sizes, textures, shapes, lengths....etc.! It makes things more interesting
       ▷ Bulges- Either in the stomach, abdomen, or throat!
       ▷ Breeding/Pregnancy - Being a lover of stomachs, seeing one full is always a treat!
       ▷ Urethra/Foreskin Play - Fingering, kissing, rubbing, etc.
       ▷ Intimacy - Overall, I'm looking for this if we do sex! Just being loving, sensual, and close.

  『?』Genital Vore - Running off the coattails of the last entry; not a favourite, but I'm willing to give it a shot most times.

  『?』Playing a Pred - Usually depends on mood, but I have a few Predator characters! Most of the time though, I seek out my prey.

  『?』Long-Term - If I like your character enough, or whatever scenario is going on, this would be a-ok! I'd prefer we do a test run before going too deep however.

  『?』Hard Vore/Gore - Acceptable if pain is nulled or eased. It's still on the lower end of my Vore faves however.

  『?』Canon Play - Usually I seek this out by myself. Rarely however, you'll find canonically based story or two in my scenarios.

Nope, Nope, Nope.

  ✘ Anal Vore -Ironically enough. This is the bottom of my traditional vore list. Its just never caught my interest....

  ✘ Unintelligent Characters -Characters that are feral, innocent, etc. don't fall into this category. Rather 'bimbo'-like characters are more of what this is fore.

  ✘ Too much Sex -I'm here mostly for vore, so this is sorta a turn off.

  ✘ Scat -It's....kinda gross. Disposal might be okay, otherwise. Nah.

  ✘ No Info -If there's no detailed info in your PM or even seeking/profiles/etc. on what you want, I might pass.

  ✘ First-Person -I'm not too big on it. Second person might be alright, but we'd have to see what the scenario is! The only exception to this rule is if we are playing over an instant messenger or on the chat with shorter responses. In those cases, this changes to a favourite!

  ✘ Rushing -If you need an update, I don't mind. However if I haven't posted a reply yet/have clarified I'm still working on it (especially with replies over two paragraphs.) please don't rush me!

  ✘ Age Limits -Anyone looking to be under the age of 13 or over the age of ~50 doesn't really catch my interest, sorry!

Ideas, Scenarios, Etc.

✘ Ideas;

Pred/Prey/Switch; I'd love to play among a giantess jungle! If you've ever heard of Felarya, (or Karbo's stuff in general) it would be based around that, if not the very world itself! An ideal scenario would us both playing giantesses, and swapping perspectives as we devour prey- but I'm open to other suggestions!

Prey; Currently, I'm hardcore craving making a contract with a demon as a teenager. Either having to feed them, pamper them, or having the demon keep them safe in general.

▸ Anything having to do with Demons, Giantesses, Monster Humanoids, or Dragons; is a big craving right now!

◗ Characters;

Pictures with vague ideas attached, I feel a strong attachment to these, so I'd love to play as any of them should we play! However above all else, I'd love to play San, who's profile is linked at the top of the page here.

  • Abélia, {Prey only}; a cute nurse who is clumsy but trusting. She works with a variety of clients and is always doing her best to make sure everyone is at full health! ...No matter where that might take her.
  • Keira, {Prey, Herm}; currently a teacher with a 'meaty' secret! She cares for her students but is known to occasionally run a strict streak when needed.
  • Zuki, {Switch}; Demonic princess who was cast out of her land for being lazy! She finds mortals amusing, but longs for more excitement in her life.
  • Sapphire, 'Saphy', {Prey}; Priestess who has a reputation for inviting all to her shrine for healing- no matter how dangerous or devious they are! She's very kind and believes that everyone has good intentions deep down.
  • Lucy, {Prey}; High school junior who is head of the track team! She comes from a poor family and has done many 'favours' to get where she is- despite this, she's a good girl deep down who works hard to get where she is.
  • Rika, {Switch}; People often mistake her for a mother thanks to her nature and body type! However she simply loves to take care of others. And eat. Eating is just too much fun!
  • Tuuyo, {Prey, Herm}; She's one of the fastest swimmers you'll see! Well...mostly. There's odd rumors about her- mostly about how she has to wear thick surfer's suits during relays. Now why would that be...?
  • Yuni, {Prey Only}; Yuni is a shy girl who is known and loved by most everyone. Always greeting others with a smile, the only down side is her...oddly lengthy bathroom breaks.
  • Ricket, {Prey Only}; Professional bounty hunter comin' through! Ricket is known far and wide for being one of the few female bounty hunters across space able to hold her own and refusing any help.
  • Moa, {Prey}; Moa is a rising star of a siren, her songs known far and wide for being more than just hypnotizingly wonderful!
  • Honey, {Switch}; A dark angel cursed to hunt demons in order to gain entry back to heaven, she has a rebellious streak that has kept her from obtaining her goals.
  • Gyoza, {Pred}; An orc who simply loves small food!
  • Anna, {Switch}; Sultry, horny, Blond cutie.

Canons! {PREY ONLY] Lucy {Fairy Tail}, D.VA {Overwatch}, Selkie {Fire Emblem}, Roxie {Pokemon}


  • Eon, {Prey}; a fiery warrior, Eon is a Pheonix demi-human who cannot be killed....however- with enough magic, he can be contained in his ashes! (Would love a scenario where he's held prisoner in a magical stomach with no hope of escape)
  • Ash, {Prey Only}; an angel who has recently passed away at the young age of 14. Lost and scared, he simply seeks company and guidance in this dark time of his life.
  • Shua, {Switch}; Shua is a rather lonely boy in a high school full of demi-humans. Unwilling to trust others, he often pushes any attempts of friendship that come his way.
  • Dusk, {Prey, C-Boy}; This neko is a beginning bounty hunter with an absurdly good hit ratio.
  • Navid, {Pred}; Demonic prince and ruler of an arabic land, he's fondly looked up to and much of his more....dastardly deeds are kept in secret.
  • Riku and Kai, {Prey Only}; Twin brothers who love each other very much! (Note I'd like to play them as originals)
  • Shiro, {Prey only, CBoy}; Trans fox who wants nothing more than to be a good butler someday!
  • Sam, {Prey Only}; Poor human that has an affinity to monster girls! But somehow always ends up in their stomachs....

Largely a WIP for now! Please feel free to check back whenever.

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