Very Flexible Vore Roleplayer,Prey looking for M and F Preds

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Very Flexible Vore Roleplayer,Prey looking for M and F Preds

Postby Stuffmeintoyourguts » Sun May 26, 2019 12:57 am

Hi Im new to this site but I am quite experienced in Roleplaying and am looking for Preds for long and short Vore Roleplays.Now as the title says I am very open when it comes to other peoples ideas and scenarios, if you dont like my idea then we can workout a compromise and vice versa as its my belief that both parties involved in the RP are happy, that being said I have a few things that I flat out refuse to do as theyre not to my liking at all and I have listed them in my "Likes and Dislikes" below as well as a few ideas I have and the character I will play in all RPs unless youd rather I came up with a new one which I would be more than happy to do if I were to do many roleplays with the same partner, I am Bisexual so I will happily Roleplay with anyone, I will RP through Private Messages on this site,Omegle,Skype and Kik

hope to hear from you soon


Being Prey
Soft Vore
Oral Vore
Same Size or below 9ft at least
Navel Vore
Human Preds
Anthro Preds
Feral Preds (My favourite is a Horse but ill do most things)
Alien Preds
Demon/Succubus Preds
Preds who pretend to be Pregnant to lure prey
Cruel Preds who taunt their prey
Kind Preds
Being Unwilling Prey
Non Digestion
Being Chased by Preds
Not being Chased by Preds
Hunting Preds
Stalker Preds
Sex before Vore (Implies to Human,Alien and D and S Preds only)

May do:Willing Prey

Underage Pred or Prey
Cock Vore
Hard Vore
Multiple Prey
Being Pred

Character: A Caucasian Human Male called Ciaran who is 5ft 11 inches tall, has Dark Brown Hair,Hazel Eyes and has a Toned body (though really his physique is up for discussion if you prefer fat,skinny or any other body type)

Some Ideas Ive had all are open for compromise if their is something youd like added or removed:

You are a pred who uses a picture sharing website and online chat to find his/her prey, you post pictures of your belly and I reply, we chat for a while and agree to meet for a date in a restraunt or other place,after a while you say somethings that imply you are not pregnant and are going to eat me, I get spooked and run home but discover the next morning that you are my new neighbour and you spend a few days taunting and tormenting me about eating me and saying cruel things like "Oh dont worry ill let you out eventually but youll be more brown than when you went in" (or not if you are not a Cruel Pred) before I eventually have enough and try to run away one night (can be a very short length of time or very long depending on if you like a Chase or not) and you run me down and eat me.

I am a lost traveller in a dense forest, A bright light like a comet lights up the sky as an object smashes into the Earth nearby, Interested in what just happened I investigate the crash site and find a ship, I investigate further and end up as an Aliens dinner. (we can work the details out beforehand)

You are a Stalker and I am your victim, something has happened (we can determine beforehand) that has made you obssessed with me and you desperately want me inside of your belly (relatively simple but we can brainstorm additions to it)

In a cold dark winter in medieval/modern times I live alone in a log cabin at the centre of a dense forest that stretches endlessly across the land. Whilst out on a scavaging hunt I come across a camp with two tents yet the firepit is still warm and all the supplies remain in the camp but the occupants have just vanished, all the trace that remains of them is a boot covered in saliva, nearby a Horse (it doesnt need to be a Horse) is tied up with an unusually sized belly that is mid digestion, I untie the animal, it leaves but later it tracks me down at night, and eventually chases and eats me.

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