5e D&D game (Full at the moment, may change later)

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5e D&D game (Full at the moment, may change later)

Postby freamen101 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:32 am

desbjust (the DM) and I are looking for 2-4 players that would like to play a 5e D&D campaign on roll 20. Microphones are a strong recommendation as the help speed up the games. Typing is usually reserved for things that might not be able to be said out loud. We aim for a once a week game preferably on the week ends but scheduling can be flexible. That being said life happens so we may have to skip a session every once and a while. The games are not 100 % vore all the time. they run for the most part like a normal campaign, but hyper characters are a norm. so technically you are free to do it any time you please. The vore mechanics are set up to give both the PC's and NPC's a chance to escape, unsuccessful escape usually end in character death unless the pred is K.O. or killed soon after. Depending on your size there will be a limit to how much you can consume before it starts affecting your mobility / ability. Custom races, classes, and feats are allowed after the DM reviews them. Experienced players are preferred but we are willing to teach newer players if we have enough veterans who know a thing or two.

Fetishes we prefer to not have in the game.
Hard Vore; Not a fan.
Macro Micro; Large and small creatures are allowed but anything bigger/ smaller tends to be a hassle to work with.
Disposal; Also not a fan, slows down the game a lot as well.
Excessive gas; feel free to add a burp or what have you to the flavor text after a meal, but don't go overboard.
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