Chubby Female/Futa looking for young, human, same size.

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Chubby Female/Futa looking for young, human, same size.

Postby OppaiAngel » Wed Sep 22, 2021 2:48 pm

Nothing in my ad is set in stone! I am willing to negotiate to make both parties happy! Don't be afraid to pitch me an idea!

Let me start by saying that i prefer young prey. The younger the better. Their smaller size is more realistic to me. Teens are fine as well and adults are ok in certain situations.

Prey must be human.

Young prey always goes down whole. Nice and simple with lots of taunting and some abuse. Just like in the animal kingdom. There is no nice way to eat someone or something alive.

Teens and adult pretty will be brutally made to fit in my mouth and throat. Some appendages will need to be ripped/sliced off in order to ensure a nice, smooth trip to my gut. It wont be pleasant.
All prey will go to my gut alive to be painfully crushed and digested, churned into fat and breast milk.

I also love to play with my food. If you're headed to my gut, you can expect to be used and abused first. Both sexually and painfully.

So, if you arent into young prey, a mixture of hard and soft vore, blood, sexual situations and pure abuse, you probably wont like RPing with me

Next, my character.
Her name is Tara. She is a 5 foot, 250lb, super curvy futa. She has milky F cup breasts, a big belly, big ass and a thick 13 inch cock. If she is eating children, any gender is fine. Female is preferred for teen and adult prey.

I love prey that struggles, screams, cries uncontrollably and pleads with all they have for me to spare their lives.

If you can deal with my likes, message me! I love to RP. I'm very descriptive and have no issues writing anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs per reply.

I am willing to negotiate a bit but nothing huge.

If you cant deal with what I like, best to move on. No need for judgement.

Also, do not guide my character or make decisions for me during a role play. I can’t stand that. It’s an instant exit for me.

Lastly, this all pure fantasy to me. I dont take any of it literally. I just enjoy a good story that I can be immersed in. It's simply literature to me. No different than reading your favorite horror novel. Only I'm the scary monster!

Message me on discord! oppaiangel2#9435
(For some reason discord is losing all my incoming requests. Please message me your discord name here and I will add you. Seems to be the only way it works.)

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