Cute submissive femboy looking for a male master.

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Cute submissive femboy looking for a male master.

Postby Potata » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:49 am

Likes: any form of vore, favorite is oral/cock
I'm fairly open minded
No real preference in terms of role
Doesn't mind role playing as existing characters
I enjoy multi prey stuff as well
Any kind of lewdness, and teasing/domming.
Dislikes: gore
Hard digestion,
Other stuff most likely, but mainly anything involving gore I dislike

A little about me: I’m fairly new to role playing in general, and I’m not all that skilled in writing long stuff.
I’m also really submissive and mainly enjoy playingthe prey role because of it. And right now I’m looking for someone to rp a master and pet thing.

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